Historic Prayer Walk to Dublin Hopes to Keep Ireland Abortion Free

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   May 6, 2013   |   11:06AM   |   Dublin, Ireland

An historic prayer walk will take place soon with participants who hope to keep Ireland abortion free, given that the government is pushing a bill that would open to the door to legal abortions for the first time.

The 100 mile walk between the two capitals will be held on May 11-18, 2013.  Rev. Pat Mahoney will be walking with a small group of American pro-life leaders which will be joined by members of the Irish pro-life community along the route.

The pro-life and faith community around the world will be able to participate in this “Global Prayer Event” through Facebook and Ustream.  Beginning May 11, people will be able to pray with Rev. Mahoney and his team every day “live” from Ireland at 12:00 P.M. EST.  All they have to do is go to: www.facebook.com/RevPatrickMahoney or Ustream under “Prayer Walk to Keep Ireland Abortion Free.”

Ireland is facing its most critical challenge in keeping their nation abortion free as pro-abortion legislation is moving forward quickly in the Irish Parliament, they say. This prayer walk is a reprisal of a walk Rev. Mahoney did 23 years ago seeking God to end sectarian violence in that country between Catholics and Protestants.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Defense Coalition, states:

      “As Ireland faces its greatest challenge toward keeping their nation abortion free, it is critical that the pro-life and faith community passionately and urgently seek God in prayer.
        “The greatest resource for bringing about social change an protecting human rights and justice is prayer. Through prayer, we can see God shift and shape history and keep Ireland abortion free.



      “Through technology, we will be able to have people from around the world join us in prayer ‘live’ from Ireland. This ‘Global Prayer Event’ will unite the pro-life community in a way we have never seen before and people will be able to stand with Ireland from their homes, churches, schools and places of employment.
      “23 years ago I held a similar prayer walk asking God to bring and end to the sectarian violence in Ireland. We are so thankful for the amazing results we have seen in that regard. On May 11-18, I will be praying and asking God keep the violence of abortion out of Ireland and to ensure there are human rights, equality and justice for all.”