Nevada Bill Would Have Schools Promote Abortion, Sex-Ed to Kids

State   |   Don Nelson   |   May 5, 2013   |   2:37PM   |   Carson City, NV

A hearing for the radical, explicit K-12 statewide abortion promoting sexual education bill is this Monday May 6th.

After passing the Nevada Assembly on a straight party line vote in which all Democrats voted for and all Republicans voted against it, a Senate Education Committee hearing for AB230-the radical, explicit, statewide K-12 abortion promoting sexual education bill is this Monday May 6 at 3:30. Pro-life groups do not normally involve themselves in sexual education issues except when abortion is involved. Unless abortion is excluded from this bill, it will allow those teaching sex education in NV schools to provide identification of abortion counseling and how and where to get an abortion. NVL Logo

The text of the bill says that ”

the course of instruction must include comprehensive, and as applicable, medically accurate, information regarding:

“(h) The identification and explanation of available counseling and legal and medical information concerning health services, including, without limitation…” (Section 1.1 (h)).

Previously we were concerned about the term “reproductive health services.” The word “reproductive” has been dropped, but the remaining words “concerning health services, including, without limitation…” still leave the door wide open for abortion. Unless the bill is amended to exclude abortion, this bill will allow those teaching sex education to provide identification of abortion counseling and how and where to get an abortion.

Here is further commentary and contact and action information on this bill from our colleague Nevada Families for Freedom founder Janine Hansen. Please let our legislators know that you oppose AB230. Email addresses are below.

From Janine Hansen, Nevada Families for Freedom-State affiliate of Eagle Forum.

AB230: Planned Parenthood Sex Ed Advocacy Program

Takes Away Rights of Parents and Local Communities

We desperately need people to attend the hearing and oppose this bill. Please arrive early so you can get a seat.

HEARING: Monday, May 6, 3:30pm,Senate Education Committee Rm 2149 Videoconferenced to Room 4412 of the Grant Sawyer State Office Building, 555 E. Washington Ave., Las Vegas, NV.

MESSAGE:Vote NO on AB230 Planned Parenthood’s Sex Education Advocacy Program. This bill takes away the authority of the local committees and parents and places Planned Parenthood’s Agenda in the State Law. It creates a bonanza for Planned Parenthood placing them into the classroom to mine our schools for new clients. Nevada’s schools already have sex education programs that have been designed by local parents and communities to meet the needs of their county. Planned Parenthood’s so called “comprehensive” explicit sex education includes the promotion of abortion, contraception and homosexuality. It relegates abstinence to an afterthought. It takes away the presumption of parental rights by making it an “opt out” instead of “opt in” program. It makes available counseling for health services including abortion and contraception, without parental knowledge or consent. (You may want to write your own message.)


Most important (He is not on the committee, but he will determine whether it passes the Legislature or not).

Senate Majority Leader: Senator Mo Denis: 775-684-1431, [email protected]

Senate Education Committee: Chair: Senator Joyce Woodhouse: 775-684-1457 [email protected], [email protected], 775-684-6502, [email protected], 775-684-1427 (It would be helpful if there are Hispanics who would identify themselves as such and contact Senator Kihuen).

We can expect these two Republicans to oppose AB230: [email protected], [email protected]

By Phone: Toll Free: 800-978-2878, 800-995-9080, 800-992-0973, Northern Nevada 775-684-6800, 775-684-6789 Southern Nevada 702-486-2626, Toll Free Fax: 866-543-9941

You may also share your opinion with Legislators at:

LifeNews Note: Don Nelson is the head of Nevada Life.