Meet the Pro-Life College Student Who Took on His Campus And Won

National   |   Anna Maria Hoffman   |   Apr 30, 2013   |   5:14PM   |   Washington, DC

Christian Andzel is a young, inspirational pro-life man who is making a difference at University at Buffalo, the State University of New York.   

I recently interviewed him, asking about his involvement in the pro-life movement and the recent events that have transpired on his campus. As you will see, Christian’s tireless defense of the rights of preborn children is absolutely inspirational.

How did you get involved in the pro-life movement? What is your main motivation for defending the sanctity of human life?


It is time to take a stand and fight back for what is right! I got involved in the pro-life movement my freshman year in college when I went to what I call an “underground” meeting, where I was joined by four or five other pro-life UB students.

The meeting was secret, because for about 25 years, UB Students for Life was persecuted by the undergraduate UB student association. I knew I could do something and was meant to be there in order to change the status quo of the club’s position and challenge those in the student government who were exhibiting discrimination and intolerance. I say time and time again, not only do we as citizens have the duty to hold our elected officials to standards, but as students, we have the duty to hold our professors and student government officials to similar standards.
My main motivation for defending the sanctity of human life is three-fold. I receive my inspiration from my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is what propels me forward in everything I do in my life, not just my activism on behalf of the preborn. Another major source of motivation is from my own past. To my knowledge, and with the most information my parents have, my birth mother, who God-willing is still alive and safe, gave me life in a very tough position because of our family’s socioeconomic status. She most likely could not take care of me, nor give me the life she wanted for me. What did she do? She gave me life. She gave me hope. She gave me a chance. But it didn’t stop there. She gave me up for adoption, and I was received lovingly to a couple who brought me to the greatest nation this world has ever seen, the United States of America. I advocate for the American Dream and for those who want an opportunity at the Dream. I have been given that opportunity to live that dream, and I will continue to passionately fight on behalf of those who deserve a chance at it until I die. My other source of motivation is my interest in protecting all human rights and freedoms around the world, but especially in America. Every single human being deserves human rightsrights that state that each person’s life is preserved and protected under the rule of law.

Often, pro-abortion advocates silence men from any discussion on abortion, claiming that it is a “woman’s issue.” What is your response to that claim?


I am used to it by now. I was in the beginning of this journey asking myself, “Why are those who preach equality of the sexes, tolerance, acceptance, and diversity screaming in my face that I have no voice and I should be quiet because of my sex?” As an ex-liberal coming out of high school (I always have been pro-life), I was literally dumbfounded by the hate and blatant hypocrisy that were exhibited. What they were exhibiting were not the “liberal” values that they espouse.

If they are attacking me personally for any reason, I instantly know they have lost the debate on what we are discussing. That much is clear from their ad hominem attacks. Secondly, I would say, if we see an atrocity where the rights of innocent human beings are being violated, do we not have the responsibility to our common man, to stand up and speak out on that human rights violation? I know we do. We need to look through history and see that social progress and social change were never easy. Those who deny rights to the voiceless in our society not only tried to silence those who worked for freedom and justice, but also ended up on the wrong side of history. I expect the attacks, and I am ready. But I know the personal attacks come, because they are the last shots of desperation to justify the killing of the preborn.

I want to be very clear when I say this: abortion, the intentional killing of the preborn, is not just a woman’s issue. It is not just a man’s issue. It is not just a preborn issue. Abortion is a human rights issue. Men, women, and children have every right to step up, take the first step forward, and stand for justice and equality.

The pro-life movement is mainly led by women. As you stated in your previous answer, men matter when it comes to abortion. What are some ways to encourage more young men to be active in the pro-life movement?

I strongly encourage young men to join this cause, because we all have a responsibility for our future. Our country lies in the hearts of the future. If we do not stand for all human life and  dignity, what are we teaching our children?

We need young men to be on the forefront, educating others to spread the truth on science and our philosophical arguments. I love competition, a good fight, which is why I absolutely love protests featuring people who push for abortion rights. As men, we have a natural instinct for combat, so let’s go at their substantive flaws. The fact that men are willing to be part of this movement is important, because it shows that all of us, regardless of sex, will stand up for humanity and human dignity.

Recently, your campus was in the news, due to events that followed your club’s Genocide Awareness Project display. Can you tell me more about that event and the events that followed it? How have those experiences impacted you and your club, along with others on your campus?
UB Students for Life brought in the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform’s Genocide Awareness Project, which compares the victims of abortion to the victims of the genocides of world history. Many events followed. One professor had a personal moment when she confronted my vice president in a violent manner. She then went on to shout expletives and was eventually arrested by the police. On top of that, students at the university led a protest against the presentation for many reasons. There were some students who had objections, because they did not like the connection made between the Holocaust and abortion. There are differences, of course, between the two. However, the victims all have one thing in common: being voiceless and denied the right to life.

There were many other reasons, but the main reason is this new liberal phenomenon called “hate speech.” They call it hate speech, because it is contrary to their liberal views. Hate speech is the antithesis of freedom of speech. It is their way of humiliating and silencing the opposition that they disagree with.  Let’s get that out in the open. It is time to truly unmask those who are anti-freedom. I would gladly debate anyone there, asking them what part of our display was supposedly “hate speech.” But as usual, none of the protesters had substantial statements to back up their claims they were shouting.

Another incident that occurred, and thankfully was reported by the media, was the disgusting and egregious statements made by some UB professors: Carol Emberton, Susan Cahn, Theresa Runstedtler, Lakisha Simmons, Victoria Wolcott, and Jason Young. They stated that pro-lifers who presented GAP were similar to those who lynched black people. Two words: downright incendiary. It is time to take a stand and call them out for such atrocious and reckless behavior. People throughout the nation were upset (rightly so) at such slander. I wrote back to all of the professors, critiquing them for their revisionist history that fits their political agenda.

My own professor, who taught me about the abolitionist movement and their tactics, which we similarly use, could not justify her claims without going to the usual extreme. She claimed that we don’t trust women, and that we used exaggerated ways and means to put forth our message. Hypocrisy.

There were other events that transpired that week, like the debate that occurred on April 18th. I think talking about it gives the pro-abortion side much more credit than they deserve, because they walked out of the debate.
But there is one action that I do want to highlight that occurred recently. I stood up and took a firm stance against one of the professors who slandered my club in the editorial mentioned above. I went into my friend’s history class that is taught by the professor who I challenged (see video below).

I respectfully asked her a question on the topic she was discussing, and then asked her why she would write what she had written and signed. She then proceeded to say that I was going to be thrown out by campus police, which was fine by me, because I only asked a question. Then, she continued to shout over my question. As I packed up my things to leave, I told her that her actions were reprehensible.



I stand by what I did. I had in mind people who are persecuted for their beliefs at my university and across our nation. I had in mind pro-lifers who have faced hardship in their lives from a “superior” telling them they were wrong in their cause. This action, standing up to the intolerant and bully-like academia, is what we need to push back against narrow mindedness in our universities.

What does UB Students for Life’s future look like?

UB Students for Life has a future unlike any other because of the leadership’s drive and passion. We are not doing this for personal gain or glory, and we are not activists to be against anyone. Rather, we know that we are fighting for something much bigger than ourselves. We are fighting for the rights and dignity of an entire people who have no voice and are innocent beyond comparison.

Pro-life students at the University at Buffalo are no longer without a club and without a voice. We are the rallying cry for preserving and protecting all human life. Students now see that pro-lifers at UB are strong and will not back down because of this recent hostility. It has instead made us stronger and more of a family.

This goes out to the current movement at my university who is trying to get us defunded or even kicked out of the student government: let me be very clear. We are not going anywhere. Your scare tactics and anti-freedom messages may have worked for the previous twenty five years at our university, but we will no longer stand it. Not this time. We are the pro-life generation!

You are a strong, fearless pro-life advocate. You are an inspiration to our generation, especially young pro-life men. What advice would you give to young pro-life men who are starting to get involved in the pro-life movement and would like to start a pro-life club on their campus?      

Never ever give in or give up. The stakes are too high. If you are a believer, be strong in your faith. If you are going to save lives and change hearts, you cannot go to sleep each night with regrets. This is a movement that stands on the pillars of diversity, hope, love, and inclusiveness. We need all people to join our ranks to correct a social injustice that has wounded our nation for decades. Will you be a part of that history? Will you be a part of the movement that fights for every human being, no matter their age, race, sex, ability or disability? Will you be part of the movement that fights for the opportunity at the American Dream?

This is a movement that is growing. Eventually, human rights for all will prevail. In order for this to happen, we need all hands on deck and all hearts and talents given for the innocent. Give it everything you have, because you do not know who you may change or whose life you may save.

God bless!

What a firecracker for the pro-life movement! I hope Christian’s interview inspired you to become active in the pro-life movement, if you aren’t already. I especially hope it encouraged more of you young men out there to fearlessly stand up for precious human life!

LifeNews Note: Anna Maria Hoffman writes for Counter Cultured, where this originally appeared.