Catholic Bishop Blasts Media on Gosnell: “Some Stories Can’t be Ignored”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 30, 2013   |   12:15PM   |   Philadelphia, PA

The Catholic bishop who oversees Philadelphia, home to the abortion facility that Kermit Gosnell ran, is blasting the national media over its lack of coverage of the murder trial Gosnell faces.

In his weekly letter to area Catholics, Archbishop Charles Chaput took the national media to task for not focusing more on the horrific crimes Gosnell committed at his abortion clinic, including infanticides and killing and injuring women in abortions.

From a news report on the letter:

“Some stories, no matter how unsettling, just can’t be ignored – even when some people are determined to look away,” Chaput’s letter, dated Friday, began. He criticized “the media’s lethargy” in covering the case.

While saying that The Inquirer had “done a good job following the trial,” Chaput wrote that the national media had been eager to ignore the trial “until shamed into covering it.”

“The continuing debate over legalized abortion is a hot-button national issue that drew half a million pro-life demonstrators to Washington in January,” he wrote. “The battle over abortion restrictions continues in every state.

“Forty years after the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, resistance to permissive abortion remains high. And the vivid details of the Gosnell clinic tragedy have the kind of salacious appeal that few national media would normally avoid – if the issue were anything else.”

Chaput added, “Abortion is too often, and in too many newsrooms, exactly the kind of topic that brings on a sudden case of snow blindness.”

He cited a headline in the April 12 issue of Atlantic magazine – “Why Dr. Kermit Gosnell’s Trial Should be a Front-Page Story: The dead babies. The exploited women. The racism. The numerous governmental failures. It is thoroughly newsworthy” – as the exception.

“The irony is that much of the media’s lethargy in covering the Gosnell case really doesn’t surprise,” Chaput wrote. “It’s part of the fabric of a culture that simply will not see what it doesn’t want to see about the realities of abortion



Forty two days ago, on March 18, 2013, abortionist Kermit Gosnell went on trial, charged with the grisly murder of multiple babies and a patient. Yet, in the seven weeks that followed, ABC News has permitted no coverage, discussion or mention of the case, not even a single utterance of Dr. Gosnell’s name.

But that’s not due to lack of interest in shocking criminal cases. Over the same 42 days, the Media Research Center found that ABC’s Good Morning America has aired 41 stories — about one per day — on other sensational criminal cases, including the Amanda Knox re-trial and the Jodi Arias case, totaling 109 minutes of coverage.