Obama Ignores Kermit Gosnell Murder Trial in Planned Parenthood Speech

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 26, 2013   |   11:35AM   |   Washington, DC

President Barack Obama gave a speech to the Planned Parenthood abortion business today in which he ignored the national attention-getting murder trial of abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell.

Gosnell is on trial of brutally killing babies after a live-birth abortion process in which they were birthed and then killed in a procedure that involved snipping their necks and spinal cords.

Obama became the first sitting president to address the Planned Parenthood abortion business. He originally planned to talk to the abortion giant tonight at its gala but pushed back the speech to Friday after massive criticism and suggestions he was ignoring victims of the Waco explosion.

Obama has thus far refused to comment on the trial — despite the fact that he has commented on other trials in progress previously. His refusal has been noted but pro-life advocates and in the halls of Congress.

“Mr. President, your silence on this issue is deafening,” said Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.) in a speech on the House floor yesterday.

“No matter how great the challenge, no matter how fierce the opposition, there’s one thing that the past few years have shown,” Obama promised today. “That Planned Parenthood is not going anywhere. It’s not going anywhere today. It’s not going anywhere tomorrow.”

“As long as we’ve got a fight to make sure women have access to quality affordable healthcare, and as long as we’ve got to fight to protect a women’s right to make her own choices about her own health, I want you to know that you’ve also got a president who’s going to be with you fighting with you every step of the way,” he said.

“Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, “describes Planned Parenthood as the only organization that she’s ever been at where there are opponents who, in her own words, literally get up every day trying to figure out how to keep us from doing our work,” Obama added, attacking pro-lifers. “If she had worked in the administration she would be more familiar with this phenomenon.”

The president never mentioned the word abortion in the speech despite the fact that planned Parenthood is the number one abortion business in the country.

The most reccent report released by the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) shows the abortion giant did a record 333,964 abortions on unborn children during the 2011-2012 fiscal year. Those abortions were estimated to have generated $150 million dollars for the “nonprofit” organization.

While the number of abortions reached a record high, only 2,300 Planned Parenthood customers were referred to adoption agencies during the 2011-2012 fiscal year.

Obama mentioned a woman from Chicago who received services at Planned Parenthood but made no mention of Tonya Reaves, a Chicago woman Planned Parenthood killed in a botched abortion.

Marjorie Dannenfeiser, president of the anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List, commented on Obama’s forthcoming speech.

“There is no industry that President Obama is more willing to protect than the abortion industry and particularly Planned Parenthood, the nation’s biggest abortion provider, which in a single year performed more than 333,000 abortions,” she said in a statement. “The president has defended federal funding for Planned Parenthood to the point of being willing to shut down the government over the continuing resolution battle, and in return they spent a record amount to reelect him in November.”

“Planned Parenthood last week admitted to knowing about the horrors going on inside Kermit Gosnell’s squalid Philadelphia clinic, but chose not to exercise its position as the leader in the abortion industry to put an end to the butchering of women and children,” she said in a release, suggesting the trial and the public scrutiny now being given to what Gosnell had been doing made it “a good time to distance oneself from Planned Parenthood.”

She said it is “a good time for President Obama to reconsider his position of forcing taxpayers to fork over more than $542 million each year to this abortion-centered, profit-driven business” which, she added, “in a single year ended the lives of more than 333,000 children.”

Lila Rose, the head of the pro-life group Live Action, which has exposed Planned Parenthood arranging abortions for victims of sex-trafficking and misleading women about the risks and dangers associated with abortions, called for the speech’s cancellation. She released the following statement to LifeNews:

“In the wake of the gruesome and horrific revelations emanating from the trial of abortion Doctor Kermit Gosnell, we urge President Obama to cancel his fundraising speech for big abortion giant Planned Parenthood on Thursday night.



“Planned Parenthood is the nation’s number-one abortion provider, having received in 2011 (the latest year with available data) a record $542 million in tax dollars under the policies of the Obama administration. Over the past few weeks, we have heard the brutal details of the slaughter of innocent human beings that goes on within the walls of many abortion clinics, including Gosnell’s ‘House of Horrors’ in Philadelphia and the ‘meat-market’ ‘assembly-line’ Planned Parenthood of Delaware.

But the nation’s biggest abortion business heaped praise on President Barack Obama calling him the most pro-abortion president ever.