“Pro-Choicers” Can’t Handle Legitimate Debate With Pro-Lifers

State   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Apr 19, 2013   |   4:22PM   |   Washington, DC

After all of the ruckus at University at Buffalo this week, our team at Students for Life is shocked that, once again, pro-aborts don’t know how to defend their position! (Well, not really.)

As you probably remember, this Monday, a pro-abortion professor freaked out at UB Students for Life’s Genocide UBdebateAwareness Project display.  She called the photos profane and said they were “swearing” at her. She made such a scene, she got arrested for disorderly conduct!

Then on Tuesday, pro-abortion professors wrote into the UB school newspaper to “condemn” UB SFL’s message without even making a case for abortion, comparing pro-life students to a lynch mob, saying, “Anti-abortion protesters appear to have a lot in common with those who supported lynching.”

And now, we have learned that last night the pro-abortion side, after being given the opportunity to debate the UB Students for Life group, couldn’t even defend their positions and walked out of a formal debate with UB SFL President Christian Andzel and Americans United for Life’s Anna Franzonello in front of 200 audience members.

The UB school paper reported:

An abortion-rights student stood up after the anti-abortion side’s cross-examination and asked students to take a stance. “I ask you students of UB to stand up and leave with dignity with me,” he proclaimed. Stern and Malloy followed the student, upset and flustered.

UBdebate2During Andzel’s cross-examination, members of the audience repeatedly screamed out at the abortion-rights party for being “incompetent” and “unprepared.”



During the debate, a pro-abortion graduate and undergrad student ended up trying to argue that a preborn baby was not human, but a parasite – which is not scientifically or medically accurate.  Question: When two humans reproduce, can they made any other species than their own? Like a chicken, for example? No!

This week has proved one thing for sure – that University at Buffalo has an anti-Life culture that is intolerant of listening to others, but also lacks the scientific knowledge to even engage in an abortion discussion. Amid the persecution that the students in the club faced, they stood strong the entire week and succeeded in all their efforts. We are so proud of our students at UB for courageously fighting to abolish abortion this week, and all of the other 705 Students for Life groups across the nation! Fight on!