Limbaugh: Media Coverage of Gosnell Would Disrupt “War on Women” Mantra

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 19, 2013   |   3:24PM   |   Washington, DC

Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh has a theory about why the mainstream media is so reluctant to cover the murder trial of abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell. He thinks it is because doing so would disrupt the War on Women rhetoric the media has been pushing since the heat of the 2012 presidential election.

A transcript of Limbaugh’s Thursday show follows:

In the process, as yesterday was evidence, we don’t get what we think the media is for, i.e., news, information that they have learned that we don’t know, passed on to us.  That’s what we’ve always thought the media is, and it isn’t anymore.  It’s just a political action committee for the Democrat Party.  Kermit Gosnell, anybody?  Can’t cover that.  Covering Gosnell trial, that might hurt our War on Women theme.  The Republicans have this War on Women.  Meanwhile, it’s an abortion doctor wreaking havoc on everybody in Philadelphia. “Oh, we can’t cover that. There’s no news there.”

What do you mean, there’s no news?  You got an abortion doctor killing babies that survive abortions and butchering them.  It’s sickening, really sickening, squalid stuff.  Can’t report that because there’s only one narrative when it comes to abortion, that is, a woman’s reproductive rights are under assault by the Republicans.  That’s it.  If the story doesn’t contain that element, it’s not gonna get reported.  That is not news; that is the Democrat Party agenda.  They can deny it all day long, but that is what it is.

Limbaugh also covered the media bias on Gosnell on Wednesday:

These people live in a world of cliches. They live in a world of stereotypes. They live in narratives. They don’t even live in the real world. They live in narratives. You know what the narrative on abortion is. The Gosnell trial hasn’t received much coverage until now. The reason it hasn’t is the narrative in abortion. There’s only one story in abortion the left covers. There’s only one story in abortion they care about.

That narrative is “the erosion of reproductive rights.” That’s all abortion is to them. Whenever the subject comes up, if the story can’t be plugged into that hole, they don’t run it. The only relevant fact to them, in the whole area of abortion, is the fact that there are people who want to take away women’s reproductive rights. So the Gosnell case comes along and we have infanticide! What this guy did is the subject of horror movies, horror television shows.

It’s unspeakable what this guy was doing. But it doesn’t fit the lone narrative that the left has on abortion, and that narrative is: “The only story on abortion is, ‘There are Republicans who want to deny a woman’s right to choose! There are Republicans who want to stop women’s reproductive freedom!'” So you have the Gosnell case where you have infanticide, where you’ve got murder of babies who survive abortions.

He was doing what State Senator Obama voted for back in Illinois. Gosnell was killing babies who survived abortions. In unspeakable ways. In unspeakable, filthy conditions. I mean, it’s unspeakable what this guy was doing! That doesn’t matter. There’s one narrative in abortion, and it’s the only narrative that’ll get covered, and that is: “Republicans want to deny women their reproductive freedom!”

Anything else doesn’t get covered because there is nothing else important about abortion. That’s why the Gosnell piece wasn’t covered until they were shamed, basically, by Kirsten Powers of Fox. So now they’re desperately hoping, “Oh, it’s gotta be a white guy that blew up the Boston Marathon! Oh, the guy has to be white. If it’s a minority, oh, God. If it’s an immigrant, oh, no! Oh, no! If it’s Al-Qaeda, oh, no!”