Pro-Life Students Launch Two-Week Bus Tour to Expose Planned Parenthood

National   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Apr 15, 2013   |   4:53PM   |   Washington, DC

Today Students for Life of America begins a 2 week bus tour exposing Planned Parenthood on college campuses. “The Planned Parenthood Project” ( will educate students on Planned Parenthood’s real agenda and plans for them.

The tour will begin at the University of Cincinnati where 915 “Planned Parenthood pink” crosses will be lined up to represent the 915 innocent, pre-born lives lost at the hands of Planned Parenthood every day. Pro-life students will be on hand at each campus to discuss the display and hand out information on Planned Parenthood’s plans for students. The tour schedule is as follows, with each display up between 8am-2pm:

15 University of Cincinnati
16 Franciscan University of Steubenville
17 Seton Hall University
18 American University
22 University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
24 University of Alabama-Birmingham
25 Tulane University

According to our research, 59 percent of 18-24 year olds do not know that Planned Parenthood commits abortions, but that their negativity towards the abortion Goliath increases when they find out the truth. We need to expose the fact that Planned Parenthood is the number one abortion business in the United States, performing almost 335,000 abortions annually.

While receiving $542 million in taxpayer funding, Planned Parenthood made over $150 million in revenue from the 333,965 abortions they performed in just the 2011-2012 fiscal year alone. They are an abortion business, plain and simple. The sad truth is that 44 percent of abortions are performed on women 18-24 years old, so Planned Parenthood has a financial interest in marketing to their best customers. Planned Parenthood targets students with almost 80 percent of their facilities located within 5 miles of a college or university campus. We need to reach these students and inform them of Planned Parenthood’s dirty practices before Planned Parenthood can lure them in.

With the late-term abortionist/infant serial killer Kermit Gosnell trial happening right now in Philadelphia, ‘The Planned Parenthood Project’ is especially relevant. The gruesome crimes of Gosnell are not an isolated incident, Planned Parenthood, which holds itself up as a clean, safe, women-friendly environment, engages in the same disgusting practices.



Last week a Planned Parenthood in Delaware that has sent 5 women to the emergency room since January had to stop doing abortions because of unsafe and unsanitary conditions similar to the ones found at Gosnell’s abortion mill. One nurse said of the operating room, “It’s not washed down, it’s not even cleaned off. It has bloody drainage on it.” She also said patients “could be at risk of getting hepatitis, even AIDS.”

Two weeks ago, a Planned Parenthood official from Florida testified that a baby born alive during an abortion should be allowed to be killed, saying, “We believe that any decision that’s made should be left up to the woman, her family, and the physician.” Gosnell routinely killed babies born alive after an abortion — often by cutting their spinal cords. Apparently that’s a decision Planned Parenthood supports a physician like Gosnell making.

In 2008, a New Jersey Planned Parenthood nurse told me to my face that with an abortion after 22 weeks, the baby is delivered and can survive an abortion: “It does happen, where it’s still alive…but it wouldn’t be able to survive on its own, so eventually the baby does die.” Again, Planned Parenthood knows and supports abortions that result in babies born alive but left to die, as happened in Gosnell’s facility.

‘The Planned Parenthood Project’ will expose Planned Parenthood and change the tide on American campuses.