Missouri Policeman Pleads Guilty to Killing Pregnant Woman, Unborn Baby

State   |   Sarah Terzo   |   Apr 15, 2013   |   5:41PM   |   Jefferson City, MO

A military policeman on a two week leave from Afghanistan has pleaded guilty in the murders of a twenty year old woman and her unborn child.

Phillip C. Parish, from Missouri, shot Tabitha Buckingham in May 2011 because he thought she was pregnant with his baby, which would have damaged his standing in the armed forces. Both Buckingham and her four month old baby died. The body was not found for three days, and her two year old daughter was found dehydrated and hungry but otherwise unharmed beside her.

In a sad detail, the unborn baby turned out not to have been fathered by Parish.

Parish had gone to the murder scene with a friend, who allegedly stayed outside while he committed the murders. He has not been implicated in the crimes. Later, however, he told the friend what he had done. This confession, as well as the Parrish’s other suspicious activities, led the police to arrest him. Parrish had attempted to get rid of his cell phone, possibly to hide his connection to Buckingham. He had also thrown out the shirt he was wearing that day, which may have had forensic evidence.

Parish agreed to a plea bargain which lessoned the charges he is facing. The charges of first degree murder were downgraded to two counts of second degree murder, which would bring a 30 year sentence for each count.

According to an interview with the Assistant Prosecuting Attorney John Quarenghi, more than 40 friends and family members of Buckingham attended the court hearing. He said, “They were just very saddened by her loss, very upset. They all realized, as we did, that it was pointless killing.”

The death of the four month old unborn child earned Parish a separate murder charge, but roughly  420 abortions between four and five months happen every week, with  almost 15,000 a year.







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