Pro-Life Groups Ramp Up Outreach to Young Professionals

National   |   Andrew Bair   |   Apr 10, 2013   |   4:06PM   |   Washington, DC

The pro-life movement draws individuals of all ages into its fold. From the movement’s beginning there have been young and old involved in the fight to protect innocent human life. There are currently thousands of pro-life student groups across the country in high schools and on college campuses. Beltway Right to LifeSurging across the country are innovative and creative efforts by pro-life groups to raise awareness about life issues among young professionals.

Katie Wilcox, a pro-life attorney from Michigan is involved with Young Professionals for Life in Michigan. Wilcox helped organize the group’s successful 5th annual reception, an event directly marketed to pro-life young professionals. The event was a seamless mix of social interaction and pro-life education.

“The value of networking within the pro-life community cannot be emphasized enough.  It is invigorating to be in a room full of people like yourself. We are more likely to continue our pro-life activism if we have friends who share our passion,” Wilcox told National Right to Life News Today.

“Our reception recrui

Beltway Right to Life

ts and informs young professionals about how they can use their talents to benefit the pro-life cause,“ Wilcox said.     “Young doctors, lawyers, engineers, and business, government, and nonprofit professionals attended the reception to meet with pro-life community leaders from crisis pregnancy centers, right to life affiliates, and sidewalk counselors. We have unique talents to offer these organizations and the unique ability to reach other young people.”

Young Professionals for Life

Young Professionals for Life also serve as mentors to a younger generation of pro-life leaders. Christen Houck, Executive Director of Students for Life of Michigan, says, “Young Professionals for Life is a critical part of maximizing students’ success on campus by networking students with the local pro-life community to meet their needs.”

Young Professionals for LifeOperating in the DC metro area, Beltway Right to Life, a chapter of the Virginia Society for Human Life and National Right to Life, also holds events marketed to young professionals. In January, the group held a reception to mark 40 years since the Roe v. Wade decision and for St. Patrick’s Day, the group held a pro-life happy hour. The proceeds of the events benefited a local pregnancy resource center and ongoing pro-life projects.

“The events have been tremendously helpful in cultivating new members for our chapter, keeping them connected to our group and keeping them informed. There is minimal stress in getting the events planned out, especially if you have a couple people to help. And we all get to have a good time together while promoting the cause of life,” said Luis Zaffirini, president of Beltway Right to Life.



“By hosting events at popular local venues in the D.C. area Beltway Right to Life is able to reach out to new groups of people that, while pro-life, maybe were not hooked into the local pro-life community activities,” he added.

Coming up on Beltway Right to Life’s calendar is a pro-life happy hour on Earth Day with the theme of “Save the Baby Humans.” Anyone wishing to attend can find out more information on the group’s Facebook page.

For more information on jumpstarting a young professionals outreach with your chapter, please contact the State Organization and Development Department of National Right to Life. You can reach me here.