Cecile Richards Urged to Condemn Planned Parenthood Infanticide OK

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 8, 2013   |   5:47PM   |   Washington, DC

Americans United for Life is challenging Cecile Richards, the head of the Planned Parenthood abortion business, to condemn pro-infanticide remarks by a lobbyist for its Florida affiliate.

As LifeNews initially reported, Alisa Lapolt Snow defended the practice of allowing babies not killed in an abortion to be allowed to die afterwards. She said the decision on whether to provide such children with medical care is between the mother having the abortion and the abortion practitioner.

Now, AUL is challenging Richards and told LifeNews today: “Recent statements by Alisa LaPolt Snow, a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood affiliates in Florida, illustrate just how fragile even the most humane legal protections for young children really are in America.”

“The Planned Parenthood lobbyist, testifying against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act, in essence called for infanticide in the United States, telling lawmakers that should a living baby survive an abortion, the abortionist and mother should be allowed to say whether that baby may continue to live,” it said in an email to LifeNews.. “While Planned Parenthood has since tried to distance itself, on behalf of Planned Parenthood, Ms. Snow said her organization believes the fate of a child surviving a botched abortion could be death.”

The group has started a petition called “Let Them Live” to lobby Richards and is asking people to sign on to it.

AUL said, “Join Dr. Charmaine Yoest in holding Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards accountable for her organization’s tacit support of infanticide. We must work together to “Let Them Live” and fight for the legal rights of children, born and struggling for life, following an attempted abortion.



“AUL is calling for Cecile Richards to disavow infanticide and join us in working for legal protections for human beings, struggling for life, in abortion clinics,” said Yoest.

She added: “In addition, we are asking for Planned Parenthood to actively support legislation that protects children born alive during abortion – in Florida and across the country. And we are also asking Planned Parenthood to join the call for legislation requiring that board-certified physicians with hospital admitting privileges be required in abortion clinics, so that all the patients in a clinic receive the best care.”