Gruesome Gosnell Case Shows Abortion Clinic Workers Need Prayer

Opinion   |   Ellie Saul   |   Apr 4, 2013   |   11:00PM   |   Washington, DC

I have been avoiding the creepy Gosnell case. Honestly, I scroll away quickly when I see his name in a headline. Coincidentally, I was asked to write about the thing I’ve been avoiding so diligently.

In my research, I read the grand jury report. Well, I read about 127 pages of the over 200 page report and finally could not continue to read any more. I do not know about the details in the remaining pages, but the ones I read were too devastating for me to take in and come up with anything to say that hasn’t been said. His crimes are laid out in cruel detail with vivid words and even pictures that I will spare you from describing. I had to stop reading multiple times and try to think on other things because it was so intense.

When I finally put it down completely I ran to the bathroom to pray. It made me feel sick. I can’t imagine being the juror reading those words and having to make a decision. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought, “What judgment would be severe enough? What punishment would be justice for the evil this man repeatedly committed without remorse? Life in prison? Multiple life sentences? The death penalty?”

Every punishment I contrived could not compare to the evil that he has done. No punishment seemed severe enough and even death wouldn’t bring back a single baby who was born alive and murdered by his cruel hands.

The Lord spoke to me mercifully and said, “Do you understand now why you can’t punish people for their sin against you? Once you start punishing them, nothing is ever enough.”

In an instant I knew many things to be true in a way I did not before this revelation. The wages of sin is death. When we take it on ourselves to punish sinners, nothing less will satisfy. This one I thought I understood clearly until now; the barren womb is never satisfied. Punishing others is like a barren womb, it bears no fruit and is never satisfied. The sin of one man defiles many. Revenge and unforgiveness makes the innocent party guilty. We need Jesus. His death and resurrection paid a debt sinners could never afford. He became sin. Only His death can set us free from the bondage imposed by wickedness ruling the shadow of abortion and death. We need His resurrection power to bring to life our hope and vision that abortion will end.

More urgently than ever before I am asking you to please pray with me for abortion workers. Pray with me for doctors and staff at abortion centers to be set free. I know it is possible. Abby Johnson, author of Unplanned is a beautiful example of how God can redeem a lost girl with a heart to help women. We have to war against the sick obsession with death that has overtaken many in this industry of death. The demonic infatuation with murder and death must be broken and it can only be done by the power of Jesus! We are powerless against these wicked forces of death and we side with them when we purpose in our hearts to not forgive.



We must choose to forgive and walk in forgiveness as we fight to end abortion. Forgiveness should direct our personal lives and our public stand against abortion. We cannot defeat tormentors when we invite them to be a part of our lives by choosing not to forgive. Please ask God to help you forgive yourself and others today so that we can be empowered together to stand against death.

LifeNews Note: Ellie Saul lives in quaint Jasper, AL with her husband Andrew. They are passionate lovers of Jesus and live to share His word and love with anyone they meet. Reprinted with permission from the Bound4Life blog.