Democrat Who Doesn’t Regret Abortion Faces Death Threats

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 4, 2013   |   5:04PM   |   Carson City, NV

A Democratic state legislator from Nevada who has ignited a firestorm of controversy with her comments that she doesn’t regret her abortion is now facing death threats and has canceled a television appearance as a result.

As LifeNews reported, Assemblywoman Lucy Flores, a Democrat from Las Vegas, makes the false assumption that being a teen mother is incompatible with completing ones education or a successful career and gives that as the reason why she had an abortion and has no regrets about it.

A Nevada-based pro-abortion blog notes today that “local television producer Dana Gentry broke the news that Flores had canceled her scheduled April 4 appearance on the political news show Ralston Reports after receiving death threats stemming from her abortion story.”

“Assemblywoman Lucy Flores, who testified at sex ed hearing re abortion as a teen, recipient of threatening messages. Cancels Ralston Thur,” Genty wrote on twitter.

If the reports of death threats or even threatening messages are true, it is very disappointing. Millions of women who have had abortions deserve help in finding hope and healing. We know from both research studies as well as first-hand accounts from women who have had abortions that most women go into an abortion uninformed about its consequences, the development of their unborn child and the alternatives available.

Those same studies and first-hand accounts from post-abortive women also show us the scars of guilt and shame they bear. Women face a multitude of physical and medical problems associated with an abortion, mental health issues ranging from thoughts of suicide and depression to addiction to drugs or alcohol, and they face problems developing and keeping relationships because of the haunting associated with an abortion.

We also know women after abortion face a palpable spiritual disconnect — feeling tremendous guilt about taking the life of their own child and doubts about whether they can ever find forgiveness from God.



Sadly, Flores is not among these women who understand the travesty of what they’ve done. Some women realize the horror of their decision days, weeks or months later. Others have come to grips with their decision only years later and are now desperately seeking help from one of hundreds of post-abortion ministries that provide support for women across the globe.

While Flores was clearly wrong to have taken the life of her unborn child, and while it is disappointing she doesn’t realize the gravity of what she has done — depriving her son or daughter of his or her chance at life — she deserves our prayers and our encouragement to see what she’s done and to become pro-life and encourage other women to not make the same mistake she did. No woman who has had an abortion deserves the kind of spite and hate Flores has received.