Sex-Selection Abortions Occurring in Canada, Canadians Opposed

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Apr 3, 2013   |   11:50AM   |   Ottawa, Canada

On the heels of a decision preventing members of Parliament from voting on a measure to condemn sex-selection abortions, a new poll reveals that sex-selection abortions are occurring in Canada and Canadians oppose them.

As Canadian politicians tacitly accept gendercide by their attempts to avoid discussion about the topic, a new poll* commissioned by and conducted by Abingdon Research finds that sex-selective pregnancy termination is overwhelmingly opposed by Canadians.

“Not only did 87% of Canadians tell us they feel sex-selective abortion is wrong, but over one quarter reported that it is happening in their cultural community,” said director Mike Schouten.

He told LifeNews, “Perhaps most revealing was that the difference between the number of visible versus non visible minorities who believe sex-selective abortion happens in their community was negligible. What some may have thought of as only occurring in some ethnic cultures is actually happening among all cultural communities. It is striking to note that 27% of respondents believe that gender selective abortion happens in their cultural community. This form of discrimination is obviously more widespread than initially thought.”

Schouten said a similar correlation was revealed when visible and non visible minorities were asked about their views on sex-selective abortion.

“Both groups were equally disturbed by the practice of gendercide,” said Schouten. “Nearly 90% of respondents in both categories said that gender selection abortion is wrong.”

“The response of Canadians in this survey is telling, especially in light of the government’s unwillingness to so much as allow a discussion from even taking place about gendercide in Canada. Clearly they are out of step with the opinions of both visible and non visible minority groups and it would seem to be in their best interests to address the injustice of unfair discrimination towards pre-born girls in an expedient manner,” said Schouten.



“It is no wonder the House of Commons has been flooded with petitions. Canadians have recognized that this is a problem and they are collectively calling on their elected representatives to condemn this practice from happening in Canada. The question is: why is the government not heeding the will of the people?” concluded Schouten.

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