Kermit Gosnell is No Different Than Other Abortion Doctors

Opinion   |   Rebecca Downs   |   Mar 29, 2013   |   11:06AM   |   Philadelphia, PA

So I’m going to make a bold claim here: deep down, Kermit Gosnell is not at all different from the rest of abortionists, late-term or otherwise.

What Kermit Gosnell is being accused of is a terrible, terrible thing. May God have mercy on his soul and the souls of the woman he is on trial for causing the death of, as well as the seven recently born babies whose necks were stabbed with scissors and whose spinal cords were slit. Yet the abortionist (I refuse to call this man or any abortionist a doctor)’s defense attorney has the gall to claim not only that there is racism against Gosnell, but that only two of the seven babies were viable. This lawyer, Jack J. McMahon, also claims that the two weren’t even born alive.

Here’s the thing, though: Kermit Gosnell did not only kill one pregnant woman, Karnamaya Mongar, who had three children. And he did not only kill seven babies – or two viable but not born alive babies, if you’re his defense attorney. Gosnell did not just perform or intend to perform the abortions which failed and then resulted in the death of someone who the law has decided is a person. He was in practice for over 30 years, performing many late-term abortions, regardless as to if they were illegal. That’s a lot more than eight abortions, and a lot of money.

But here’s why I don’t think Kermit Gosnell is at all different from any other abortionist. If you’re pro-life, you should agree. The law may say that all the other babies Gosnell killed were not persons guaranteed protection under the law, and that only those seven babies and that woman were. But we as pro-lifers know that the law is wrong, and that the legal abortions which Gosnell and other abortionists across this country and world perform are no less acts of murder, no matter how, when, where they are done, or their legality. Those babies who were legally killed are no less worthy of the right to be born, since we are all human persons deserving of the right to life from the moment of conception.

I am sure that there is much debate as to if Kermit Gosnell deserves the death penalty for the eight deaths he is being tried for and the countless other deaths of unborn children, which he was paid to effect. I will say, though, that even while Gosnell may be on trial for only eight deaths, it is very symbolic and telling that there is an abortionist on trial and facing such a heavy penalty as capital punishment.



The seven babies and one woman are not the only ones who deserve justice; I like to think that they are representing all the other babies and women who may have suffered and died at the hands of Gosnell. I will take comfort in Gosnell being brought to justice, even if it is for eight rather than all. For at least Gosnell will no longer be allowed to do what he did to these seven babies and this one woman any longer.

LifeNews Note: Rebecca Downs is currently a senior in college where she is involved in the Respect for Life club there. Upon graduation she hopes to pursue a career in the political world, specifically to do with the pro life movement. This originally appeared at Live Action News and is reprinted with permission.