Justin Bieber’s Mom: I Tried to Take My Life During Pregnancy

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 29, 2013   |   11:43AM   |   Hollywood, CA

Justin Bieber’s mother Pattie Mallette is promoting the new pro-life movie Crescendo and she recently divulged a new fact about her unplanned pregnancy situation with Justin that is another reason why she is helping publicize the film.

She recently gave an interview in which she mentioned that she hopes the pro-life movie will be a message of hope to all young mothers in despair, because she tried to take her own life.

“It’s a historical piece on Beethoven’s mother, and I really resonated with the story because she has a musical son and she also, a lot of people don’t know, she tried to take her own life when she was pregnant.

I tried to take my life 6 months before I had Justin.”



As Kristen Hatten wrote in a LifeNews piece about the filmand the background behind Pattie’s involvement:

There is nothing preachy or pushy about Crescendo. Yes, it has a message, but it has more than a message. It has a story – a true story – to tell. And more than that, it has work to do. Proceeds from Crescendo will fund crisis pregnancy centers across the country.

Executive producer Pattie Mallette, better known as Justin Bieber’s mom, and producer Jason Jones, through his organization Movie to Movement, have found a way to do more with Crescendo than just tell a beautiful story; they will also create beautiful stories, as this life-affirming movie literally raises money to save lives.

The story of Crescendo is the story of a woman in crisis, tempted by abortion and suicide, and it echoes the story of Pattie Mallette’s pregnancy with the child she didn’t know would become an international superstar. In her memoir, Nowhere But Up, Mallette tells the story of living in a pregnancy center. Though she has made it clear she’s not interested in the politics of abortion, she has committed to helping Crescendo’s creators raise $10 million for women in need.

“The pregnancy center that I lived in is now closed because of lack of funds,” Mallette told Newsday, “so I thought it was a really important thing that they’re doing to raise money.”

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