Mom With Tumor Credits Her Unborn Baby With Saving Her Life

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 27, 2013   |   12:45PM   |   London, England

From the UK comes the kind of heartwarming story that shows the preciousness of human life.

When Jane Heffey began to experience heavy bleeding associated with her 20 week pregnancy, she found out from her physicians that she had a tumor on her cervix. Heffey’s unborn baby was putting pressure on her cervix as her child grew in her womb and that pressure was causing the substantial bleeding.

Heffey eventually learned she had cancer, which had spread to her lymph nodes and potentially her bladder. Her physician informed her she would have to undergo chemotherapy during her pregnancy or face the prospect of the cancer spreading further.

The mother, who also had an 8-month-old child at home, underwent the chemotherapy but eventually gave birth to her daughter Ciara at 32 weeks, and the baby girl was perfectly healthy — the chemo had no negative physical effects.

Jane now credits her unborn child with helping her discover the tumor and allowing her to get chemo at an earlier timeframe, which has helped her get rid of the tumor. The London Daily Mail has more on this fascinating and inspiring story.

‘Seeing my daughters’ smiles made the fight worthwhile.

‘At times I felt vulnerable and ugly, but the nurses in the radiation unit were great. It’s not always been easy, and there are times when Ciara, now 11 months old, and Niamh, now 22 months old, are at the dinner table and there are peas flying everywhere and both of them are crying.



It’s only now that it hits me how bad it could have been. When I see a funeral car I have a little panic. That could have been my future.

‘I used to be career orientated. Being a mum is my priority now. Being with my kids and cherishing every moment is so important.’