Indiana to Hear Bill to Stop Hurting Women With Abortion Drug

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 26, 2013   |   11:39AM   |   Indianapolis, IN

The Indiana House Public Policy Committee announced that it will hold a hearing on a pro-life bill to protect women from the dangerous RU 486 abortion drug, Indiana Right to Life tells LifeNews that SB 371, a bill strongly supported by pro-life advocates, will get a hearing Wednesday.

“SB 371 regulates chemical abortion facilities so health and safety standards are met by all providers. SB 371 passed the Senate last month by a vote of 33-16 and now it needs to pass this House committee on Wednesday,” IRTL says. “If passed and signed into law, SB 371 will have an immediate effect on one abortion facility in Indiana.”

“Currently, Planned Parenthood in Lafayette performs chemical abortions without being licensed by the state. SB 371 will require this facility to follow the same health and safety standards as surgical centers. It also assures that the facility follows the 18-hour rule, informed consent and other existing requirements for abortion in the state of Indiana,” the pro-life group explains.

“SB 371 will also prevent other chemical abortion providers from practicing without any health and safety standards. In addition to Planned Parenthood’s facilities that provide both chemical and surgical abortions, four independent abortion providers do both types of abortion as well. Under current law, if any of these organizations were to cease doing surgical abortions, they would no longer have to be inspected and licensed by the State of Indiana. SB 371 corrects this serious health and safety issue,” it continues.

Figures show Planned Parenthood is using the abortion drug more frequently on women, despite it killing and injuring them.

SB 371 has to pass committee on Wednesday before it can be voted on in the full House.

Indiana Right to Life wants pro-life advocates to contact members of the House Public Policy Committee to vote “YES” on SB 371.



House Public Policy Committee Members:
Rep. Bill Davis, Committee Chair (District 33)
Rep. L. Jack Lutz, Committee Vice-Chair (District 35)
Rep. Ed Clere (District 72)
Rep. Sean Eberhart (District 57)
Rep. Matthew Lehman (District 79)
Rep. Jim Lucas (District 69)
Rep. Mark B. Messmer (District 63)
Rep. Benjamin Smaltz (District 52)
Rep. Tim Wesco (District 21)
Rep. Phil GiaQuinta (District 80)
Rep. Terri Austin (District 36)
Rep. Sue E. Errington (District 34)
Rep. Karlee D. Macer (District 92)

You can reach your representative through the House switchboard: (800) 382-9842. You can also email members by clicking here. Not sure who your representative is? Find out here.