Husband of Chinese Woman Forced to Abort at Seven Months Speaks Out

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 26, 2013   |   12:02PM   |   Beijing, China

The husband of a woman brutally forced to have an abortion at seven months of pregnancy is speaking out about what happened.

As LifeNews reported yesterday, the graphic photograph of a of an aborted 7-month boy is widely circulating among Chinese people on the Internet following a horrifying forced abortion that took place on Friday.

The forced abortion took place in Chuzhou City, Anhui Province as a woman named Lü, a 33-year-old Chinese woman whose husband reported the case and released the photograph, was victimized. (WARNING, GRAPHIC: The extremely graphic picture can be seen here.)

Now, ChinaAid has provided LifeNews with more details, including an interview with the woman’s husband. The human rights group says the seven-month-old fetus was killed by lethal injection, and the mother was still hospitalized.

The group interviewed the woman’s husband, who said he was lawfully protesting to the local government and holding discussions with them. He also expressed gratitude that the outside world was paying attention to the case.

“(I’m) her husband. (The lethal injection) took place last Friday (March 22). (My wife) is doing okay physically,” he said. “The government has already stepped forward to negotiate this matter, and the government right now is in the middle of discussions. (We) haven’t yet (hired) a lawyer. If the government does not compromise, I’ll call you!”

Listen to the interview here:

“ChinaAid expresses its great shock and condemnation of this bloody case, will closely monitor further developments, and will make every effort to provide assistance to the victims and defend the dignity of God-created human life,” the group said. “ChinaAid calls on all people of conscience worldwide to stand in unity to strongly condemn this act and to urge the Chinese government to punish the perpetrators and abolish its forcibly enforced family planning policy. Let us speak for these babies who cannot utter a sound and protect the right to life of the weakest among us. The right to life is the first human right.”

All Girls Allowed, which sent LifeNews the information about the abortion, said Lu was pregnant with an over-quota child, an illegal act under China’s One-Child Policy. Local family planning officials were tipped off by an informant regarding Lu’s pregnancy and dragged her to the local hospital.  There, under the authority of a local Family Planning Official named Mr. Cui, , they injected a needle into Lu’s uterus to kill the baby inside and to induce labor.

She gave birth to the dead baby yesterday.

Brian Lee, Executive Director of All Girls Allowed, said the brutal forced abortion follows the forming of a new Ministry of Health & Family Planning, and occurred despite a national and provincial ban on all late-term abortions. That ban was instituted following the high-profile case of Feng Jianmei, whose
7-month-old baby was forcibly aborted by Family Planning Officials last June.  A graphic photograph of that forced abortion shocked the world and brought international condemnation against the One-Child Policy. The ban on late-term abortions has since been adopted by provinces representing
87% of China’s population, including Anhui Province.

Lee said last week the Chinese government released statistics showing that 336 million abortions had been performed under its draconian family planning policies, dating back to the 1970’s.



He told LifeNews: “These unspeakable acts of horror must come to an end.  This case clearly reveals that no amount of ‘tweaking’ the One-Child Policy will enable national or provincial officials to rein in abuses at the local level.  We call on President Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang, Vice Prime Minister Liu Yandong, and Ministry of Health Head Li Bin to completely abandon coercive family planning and to strip all Family Planning Officials of their authority to persecute innocent women.”

He added, “The international media has an excellent opportunity to expose this case and remind the Chinese government that the world is watching.  We pray that Ms. Lü and her family would lean on the everlasting arms of Jesus, and that he would stretch out his hands to heal them from the deep wounds they have suffered.  We invite people everywhere to join together in prayer as we ask Jesus, the Lord of heaven and earth, to move quickly to end the One-Child Policy and to set his people free from the yoke of slavery that has kept them in fear these many decades.”

All Girls Allowed has verified the details of the case with a Chinese reporter who interviewed Ms. Lü’s husband directly.  Despite repeated attempts, All Girls Allowed was unable to reach the husband for comment.

The story appeared briefly on Chuzhou City’s official website, but was soon taken down.  The posting did remain on Google’s search results even after the article disappeared.