Canadians Flood MPs With Emails After Ditching Sex-Selection Abortion Ban

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 25, 2013   |   11:48AM   |   Ottawa, Canada

Canadians have flooded their members of Parliament with emails complaining about a decision last week preventing Parliament from voting on legislation that would condemn sex-selection abortions.

As LifeNews reported, the legislation was deemed not worthy of consideration for a vote. Motion 408 calls on Parliament to condemn sex-selective pregnancy termination, a procedure happening in Canada where baby girls are aborted for no other reason than because they are female.

Mike Schouten, campaign director for WeNeedaLAW emailed LifeNews about the massive number of emails lawmakers received in response. He said the number of emails that flooded the inboxes of MPs MacKenzie, Armstrong, Toone, Dion and Prime Minister Harper over the weekend clearly indicate that Canadians are outraged at last week’s decision by a Parliamentary sub-committee to deem Motion 408 non-votable.

“Each of these elected officials is waking up this morning to over 1,800 emails in their inbox,” he told LifeNews. “It would appear we have reached a tipping point with this disturbing insult to the core Canadian value of democracy.”

“The fallout of the decision by the subcommittee last week has infuriated Canadians from all sides of the political spectrum. As some media commentators have been quick to point out, this is not so much about the abortion issue as it is about parliamentary democracy,” said Schouten.

“I have been fielding emails all weekend from concerned citizens. Our online program facilitates contact between citizens and their elected representatives and people are not mincing words as they express their indignation about this,” said Schouten. “The 1,800 letters were programmed to be sent to area MPs, the four members of the sub-committee and to Prime Minister Harper. Obviously, Canadians are not tolerating the perceived interference from the Prime Minister’s Office and what seems to be ongoing efforts by Mr. Harper to avoid any discussion even remotely connected to pre-born human rights.”

“Democracy, by its very definition, means ‘rule by the people’ and I think the reason we are witnessing this mass outrage is because Canadians feel they have less and less of a say in how they are governed. It is time for politicians, especially those in the upper echelons of power, to realize Canadians are fed up with being ruled over,” continued Schouten.



“It is inconceivable as to why Mr. Harper would prefer to engage in a battle over democratic principles rather than allow an open debate in the House of Commons about the ongoing problem of girls being targeted in the womb simply because they are females,” concluded Schouten.

On September 27, 2012, Member of Parliament Mark Warawa introduced Motion M-408. The motion reads simply, “That the House condemn discrimination against females occurring through sex-selective pregnancy termination.”

But, the Subcommittee met to determine whether the Motion was votable, which would have permitted it to proceed for debate in the House of Commons.