Planned Parenthood Sponsors 40 Days of Prayer for Legal Abortion

National   |   Shawn Carney   |   Mar 22, 2013   |   10:40AM   |   Washington, DC

Lots of people love the peaceful approach of 40 Days for Life and see how God has used this effort. BUT … it comes as no surprise to find out that not everybody is a fan.

There are people in the abortion industry who call this campaign “40 Days of Harassment.” No one is being harassed, of course (except maybe the prayer volunteers).

The truth is that peaceful prayer on the sidewalk is bad for business. So the pro-abortion side is doing whatever it can to minimize the impact … by twisting the truth.


There are a number of pro-abortion backlash efforts that have adopted the “40 days” theme. The worst of the lot is jointly sponsored by “Clergy for Choice” and the Planned Parenthood affiliate in Eureka, California.

This effort, “40 Days of Prayer to Keep Abortion Safe and Legal,” is really a mockery of 40 Days for Life – and frankly, of God. They use a collection of 40 daily prayer intentions – sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

But listen to some of the “Clergy for Choice” intentions:

  • Day 5: Today we pray for medical students who want to include abortion care in their practice.
  • Day 18: Today we pray for all the staff at abortion clinics around the nation. May they be daily confirmed in the sacred care that they offer women.
  • Day 27: Today we give thanks for abortion providers around the nation whose concern for women is the driving force in their lives.
  • Day 40: Today we give thanks and celebrate that abortion is still safe and legal.

To respond to each of those “prayer” intentions:

  • Day 5: Fewer and fewer medical students are interested in abortion. Aging abortionists are retiring and not being replaced.
  • Day 18: Abortion — the destruction of innocent children — is considered “sacred care”? Unbelievable!
  • Day 27: The “driving force” for Planned Parenthood is money. There is no prestige in the abortion trade.
  • Day 40: Safe and legal? Based on numerous ambulance calls at abortion facilities, “safe” couldn’t be any farther from the truth. And of course, abortion is never “safe” for the baby.

Let’s all pray for all of those who’ve convinced themselves that abortion is a moral “choice” – and for all who are deluded into believing that lie.


In spite of all the shrill rhetoric … the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit can reach the minds, hearts and souls of even the people on the inside of the abortion centers.



“A woman stopped to tell vigil prayer volunteers (several Knights of Columbus men) that she used to work at the abortion center they were standing in front of,” said Jackie in Greenland, “and how after three months of working there, she just had to quit.”

The woman said the abortion facility was “a terrible place. Fourteen-year-old girls go there … and they are not helping them. Their parents aren’t informed.”

She thanked the men several times for what they were doing … and then drove off.

She didn’t say when she had worked there, Jackie said, “but it brought to mind a clinic worker, who a few years ago during a 40 Days for Life campaign, had asked me and my prayer partner to pray for her as she was leaving the abortion center. Only God knows if this was the same worker.” Note: Shawn Carney is the campaign director for the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer campaign against abortion. He is the director of the Coalition for Life.