New Mobile App Has Amazing Pictures of Unborn Babies, Helps Women

National   |   Luis Zaffirini   |   Mar 22, 2013   |   12:16PM   |   Washington, DC

I recently discovered a mobile app on my Smartphone created by the people at WebMD, a website run by doctors that gives medical and health information. It is still another example of how technology is rendering standard pro-abortion arguments utterly obsolete.

webmd-pregnancyThe app is called “WebMD Pregnancy,” and it is described as “a free pregnancy app…that delivers trusted health information to expectant moms as well as fun features and tools. Whenever. Wherever. Online or offline.”

The app provides information based on individual pregnancy schedules including doctor-reviewed articles, videos, informative slide shows, and a calendar to keep track of your baby’s development and upcoming doctor’s appropriates.

Being a WebMD product, it also comes with features to help keep mother and baby healthy. There are check lists of things to ask your doctor throughout the different stages of pregnancy, appointment reminders, and a space to record things your doctor said or suggested to you at your appointments.

There are even more personal features to the app including a journal to record the events of your pregnancy and social sharing apps to keep your close ones informed on you and your baby’s progress.



WebMD even features a follow-up app called WebMD Baby to help you continue keeping your little one healthy.

“WebMD Pregnancy” is built for an age where unborn babies can have their very own Facebook pages, and where being pregnant can mean remembering to incessantly email friends and family members with every new development.

As a mobile app that not only refers to the unborn from the first moments of its life as a “baby,” but also treats this baby as a patient as a living human being who requires care, I see this as yet another example of how technology threatens to leave the pro-abortion argument in the dust.