Planned Parenthood Preys on College Students With Abortions

National   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Mar 21, 2013   |   2:46PM   |   Cincinnati, OH

This spring, Students for Life of America’s full-time team is criss-crossing the country starting new pro-life groups. But what some folks may not know is that we spend the a vast majority of our time helping the 705 already active Students for Life groups already in existence – training them to handle anything that is thrown their way on campus.

And boy do some crazy things happen in our nation’s high schools and college campuses! But recently, what happened at the University of Cincinnati “takes the cake.”

As you may already know, two weeks ago the University of Cincinnati Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Alliance and UC Feminists groups put on an exploitive program entitled “Re-envisioning the Female Body.” The three day event was to include a panel led by Planned Parenthood called “The Vaginas are Coming” and an “art” display featuring 12 billboard-sized graphic images of female genitalia on a campus quad.

And because of many of our faithful supporters, our team was able to send flyers and marketing materials including this flyer (Warning: photos of genital warts), which is a more accurate representation of what Planned Parenthood means for young girls, to the Students for Life group on the University of Cincinnati campus to counter-act this event.

However, what many don’t know is that the Planned Parenthood panel, which was scheduled to be held on campus as the kickoff to the vulgar photo exhibit, was actually moved to the Planned Parenthood abortion facility down the street from the university at the last minute.

That’s right – an abortion facility, down the street from the college.

What better way for them to lure in young women and men and get them comfortable with going into an abortion facility?

College-aged women are unfortunately Planned Parenthood’s biggest abortion customers, representing 46% of all abortions, and their business model is slick. They specifically target college students by building abortion facilities close to campus.

Simply put, Planned Parenthood doesn’t exist to help women, it exists to profit off of them.

1st: They meet children in middle and high school, offering to teach sex education classes for teachers as a public service. During these classes, Planned Parenthood workers are careful not to bring up abortion, for they know the negative connotations that come with the word. However, they teach our young women and men that waiting until marriage is an impossible task and that when they are ready to become sexually active to go to them for their birth control and STD testing, not their parents.

2nd: When children come to them, they provide poor quality, faulty birth control that ensures their profits. Planned Parenthood’s condoms for example have the lowest possible ranking by Consumer Reports. Furthermore, statistics have proven that contraception does NOT lower abortion or STD rates. According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, 54% of women who have abortions used contraception during the month they became pregnant. STD rates are also skyrocketing, with 1 in 4 college students carrying at least one STD, and 1 in 2 of sexually active people contracting an STD by age 25.

3rd: They distribute proven abortion-causing chemicals called “morning-after” pills to people of all ages and genders (men can use them to secretly induce abortions) while falsely claiming they do not cause abortions.

4th: They mislead women through claims that abortion is a quick, easy solution to unexpected pregnancies by withholding pertinent information such as the the mental and physical risks, including the scientifically proven abortion-breast cancer link.

And despite all this, in 2012, Planned Parenthood received a record $542 million of YOUR tax dollars, performed a record-breaking 333,964 abortions, and had an annual budget of over $1.2 billion with $300 million in profit. That’s right – $300 million in profit!



While what happened at University of Cincinnati is outrageous and should be condemned by all of us, it’s just further proof of the need to keep up the pressure and educate Americans on what Planned Parenthood is really all about.

And that’s exactly what Students for Life of America is prepared to do.

In 2 weeks, we will be launching an historic initiative aimed at educating our young people about Planned Parenthood’s Plan for them, and I hope we will have your support.

Today, can you say a prayer for our upcoming campaign and forward this post on to your pro-life family and friends? I can’t wait to share all of the details with you soon!