Mississippi is Right to Protect Women From Dangerous Abortion Drug

State   |   Stacie Kuhns   |   Mar 19, 2013   |   10:34AM   |   Jackson, MS

I am encouraged every time legislators take a step toward actually protecting the health of women instead promoting a pro-abortion agenda under the guise of “women’s health.” 

On March 5th, the Mississippi House voted 39-12 in favor of The Women’s Health Defense Act and have passed it onto the state Senate. This bill requires a doctors presence during the administration of an abortion pill. If this bill passes in the Senate it will be a giant step forward in the elimination of abortion across the state.

Ultimately, abortion will end and I will rejoice when it does, not only for the lives of babies that have been spared but for the lives and health of the mothers. Every day women are sold the idea that abortion and abortifacient contraceptives are their gateway to freedom, but it’s a lie and they are not told the other side of the story.

Frequent use of powerful steroids (the hormones in hormonal birth control) have powerful effects on the human body. From the pill to Depo-Provera, even the commonly known and widely available side effects are staggering.

Human Life International lists just some of the common side effects of oral contraceptive pills:

 “Depression, loss of menstrual periods, migraine, nausea, vomiting, water retention, weight gain, yeast infection…. Chest pain, coughing up blood, or  shortness of breath (indicating a possible blood clot in the lung)… Crushing chest pain or heaviness (indicating a possible heart attack)… Sudden partial or complete  loss of vision (indicating a possible blood clot in the eye);  Breast lumps (indicating possible breast cancer or fibrocystic breast disease); Severe pain or tenderness in the stomach (indicating a possible liver tumor)….”

From the same article we see that using oral contraceptives also lead to significant increase in risk of life-threatening diseases like deep vein thrombosis and several kinds of cancer. It has also been proven to cause a marked loss of well-being, and can cause long-term hormonal regulation issues.

And that is just oral contraceptives.

PBS reported in October of 2001 “Research conducted by the University of Washington in seven African countries found use of injected hormonal contraceptives doubled women’s risk of contracting HIV and the chances of passing HIV to a partner.”

And that’s not all. This graph from post-marketing statistics of the abortion pill Mifepristone show adverse side-effects.

Abortion and abortifacient contraceptives are and have always been dangerous for women. Abortion is an intense and risky procedure that should always be overseen by a doctor. According to the label of Mifepristone, a patient should not use it unless they have “…adequate access to medical facilities equipped to provide emergency treatment of incomplete abortion, blood transfusions, and emergency resuscitation during the period from the first visit until discharged by the administering physician.”

Yet it has become legal and common practice in Mississippi and other states to do exactly the opposite of what is prescribed, thereby putting countless women at risk, often at great cost.

When you see that nearly 1.52 million women have used Mifepristone the numbers may seem relatively small. Then again, when your living is made from destroying the lives of unborn women, what is a few more fully grown?

I applaud these legislators in Mississippi for recognizing the risks of telemedical abortion and for taking a step toward protecting the improvement. Currently the senate is experiencing high pressure from Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups to vote against this bill. Please pray with me that they will go against this pressure and overwhelmingly vote in support of this bill. If you are from Mississippi, or find just ten minutes to make a few phone calls, please encourage these legislators to protect the health and lives of American women!

1) Sen. Del Marsh (334) 242-7877
2) Sen. Holley (334) 242-7845
3) Call YOUR Senator (To find our who your Senator is (CLICK HERE)
4) See below to pick your area of the state:
a) If you live in Northern Alabama also call Sen. Sanford (334) 242-7867 & Sen. Bedford (334) 242-7862
b) If you live in Mobile/Baldwin county area also call Sen. Harri Anne Smith  (334) 242-7879
c) Other areas of the state also call: Sen. Keahey (334) 242-7843& Sen. Tammy Irons (334) 242-7888
5) Thank these Senators for there votes in committee: Sen. Fielding (334) 242-7898& Sen. Whatley(334) 242-7865

For more information on the risks of the abortion pill, click here.

Author’s note: Many thanks to Lillian Porter for being such a help in procuring the research for this article.

LifeNews Note: Stacie Kuhns writes for the Bound4Life blog.