423 Babies Saved So Far From Latest 40 Days for Life Campaign

National   |   Shawn Carney   |   Mar 18, 2013   |   10:08AM   |   Washington, DC

As we roll into the final week of this 40 Days for Life campaign, we now know of 423 babies and mothers spared from abortion these past 33 days!

Here are three stories where mothers rejected abortion … and not a word was spoken on the sidewalk to any of the young women who chose life. It was all the power of prayer and God’s grace.


A group of people – including a number of children – were praying on the sidewalk outside the abortion center in Santa Maria.

A car stopped in the street right in front of them, and a young woman got out. She took a close look at the children and what they were doing, but she then looked away and walked towards the building.

As she opened the door and was just about to walk in, she stopped. She looked back at the children, and watched them again.

This time, she looked down … closed the door …. retraced her steps … and left!

“The children all saw this,” said Jim in Santa Maria, “and were assured that this turn-back likely saved this young woman from a horrible choice.”

The children’s prayers became even more fervent and joyous. Said Jim, “Such a rich blessing to see!”


There is no abortion clinic in Ketchikan. But that doesn’t mean abortion doesn’t touch this town of about 8,000 people in southeastern Alaska. There are women there who have abortions – they just travel someplace else to do it.

So, said Rob, one of the 40 Days for Life leaders, “we have been manning our vigil site since day one.”

“Supporters have brought us food and coffee as we battled inclement weather and our numbers, though small, are growing,” said Ken, one of the volunteers. “God will honor the prayers of His people!”

He’s not just saying that. There’s proof!

“Last week a local pastor reported that a young lady who had an appointment for an abortion had seen our signs at the vigil and had then canceled her appointment,” Rob said. “She chose life!”


Jeanie in Syracuse got a phone call from a young woman asking how abortion affects women. “I shared with her the possible side-effects and impact an abortion can have,” she said, and gave her a number of resources that might help.

The young woman was considering abortion, and everyone was telling her that abortion was no big deal – she should go through with it and get on with her life.

Jeanie shared the story with the 40 Days for Life team, and they all prayed.



Later that day, the young woman called back. She had gone for an ultrasound and saw her baby’s picture – and has changed her mind about abortion.

It was at this point that Jeanie finally asked how she had gotten her phone number. The woman had seen it on a 40 Days for Life flyer on a bulletin board at college. The flyer said, “Save lives!”

“Let the people praying know they are doing good out there,” she told Jeanie. “Tell them they saved a baby girl!”

“God is so amazing,” Jeanie said. “It is through His abundant love and grace that this woman had a change of heart!”

LifeNews.com Note: Shawn Carney is the campaign director for the 40 Days for Life pro-life prayer campaign against abortion. He is the director of the Coalition for Life.