Missouri House OKs Pro-Life Bill for Religious Conscience

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 12, 2013   |   3:45PM   |   Jefferson City, MO

Today the Missouri House gave final approval to HCS HB 457, a religious conscience measure  that has the support of pro-life groups.

The bill contains broad conscience clause protections that specify that anyone providing or participating in a medical procedure or research cannot be required to participate or provide services that violates his or her religious, moral, or ethical principles that are adherent to a sincere and meaningful belief in God or in relation to a supreme being.

“Because of the attack on our religious institutions and business leaders who because of their faith choose not to participate in destroying innocent human life this is a real and pressing issue for our pro-life medical professionals,” said Pam Fichter, President of Missouri Right to Life.

She added: “Those in the medical and research fields that labor every day to save lives should not be forced to take lives against their religious and moral beliefs. This bill would protect them from negative repercussions by their employers.”

“Missouri Right to Life thanks the members of all the Missouri House who supported this important legislation,” said Fichter.

HCS HB 457 passed the House by a veto proof bi-partisan vote of 116 to 41. HCS HB 457 now moves to the Senate for consideration.



“The measure would bar discrimination against doctors, nurses, researchers and other medical personnel for opting out of certain procedures or research. It would apply to abortion, sterilization that is not medically necessary, embryonic stem-cell research, assisted reproduction and contraception,” AP indicates. “Workers seeking to invoke the so-called conscience protection would have to provide reasonable notice. Institutions such as hospitals, clinics and medical or nursing schools also could refuse to perform procedures that violate the institution’s conscience.”