Planned Parenthood Affiliate Aborts 145 Babies for Each Adoption Referral

Opinion   |   Stacie Kuhns   |   Mar 6, 2013   |   11:43AM   |   Washington, DC

Here is my question to you, women, pro-life or pro-abortion. What if every health care facility in America ceased to exist and only Planned Parenthood remained? What if the fight for Planned Parenthood’s funding overshadowed the funding for every other heath care organization in the United States and suddenly there were no others? What if the only health care available to us was the “health care” Planned Parenthood provides?

What if a woman who had an operable cancerous tumor needed a surgery to remove it? What if a woman with a serious mental condition needed counseling and a pharmaceutical which could provide much needed peace? What if an escaped victim of sex trafficking needed treatment of a perforated uterus or worse? Where would all the women go to seek help who are physically or emotionally injured by Planned Parenthood?

If every Planned Parenthood in America ceased to exist, every single service they provide could be attained elsewhere and almost everywhere except abortion. Abortion would still be available in select locations, and even in many hospitals. If Planned Parenthood ceased to exist, all $542 million dollars of the governmental funding they received last year could be given to any other facility that struggles to serve all who need them. The only unique service Planned Parenthood offers over any medical facility is abortion on demand without question or apology.

This idea that Planned Parenthood offers comprehensive health care started to annoy me a few years ago. It just seemed like an obviously desperate and ridiculous claim until I watched incredulously as some very important people began to take it very seriously. At that time, Planned Parenthood was included as a necessary health care facility which would receive funding from the health care plan to which every American was required to subscribe.

“We are women’s healthcare!” Planned Parenthood screams at the top of the lungs of their political influence, going as far as to claim that “anti-choice politicians [are] determined to take away women’s access to healthcare.” However, every single service they provide aside from abortion are provided at any and every actual health care facility available to every person in the United States.



Just because Planned Parenthood offers prenatal care and adoption referrals doesn’t mean they actually do them, as we learned was the case in Wisconsin. Planned Parenthood claims to do a great many things that they don’t actually, and their annual records will show the same. According to their own 2011-2012 Annual Report, Planned Parenthood aborts 145 babies for every 1 adoption referral.

LifeNews Note: Stacie Kuhns writes for the Bound4Life blog.