Quadruplets Turn One After Mother Rejected Abortion Advice

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 5, 2013   |   12:35PM   |   London, England

One of the top pro-life concerns when multiple pregnancies occur is the advice doctors routinely give to mothers to consider an abortion in order to “save” one or more other children.

Never mind that mothers frequently give birth to multiple children without complications — doctors still give the advice anyway. But, not every mother has a “selective reduction” to kill one or more of their unborn children in abortion.

In England, here is the story from the London Daily Mail about another mother who said no to aborting her babies. And in this case, they just turned one.

Pregnant with quadruplets, Emma Robbins was told again and again that she should terminate two of her babies to give the others a better chance of survival.

Again and again, she told doctors she had no intention of sacrificing any of her boys, who were conceived naturally at odds of 750,000 to one.

Now she has all the proof she needed that her instinct was right: four happy, healthy and utterly adorable one-year-olds.

Zachary, Joshua, Reuben and Sam had their first birthday party yesterday.

The brothers are even more remarkable because they were born on February 29 last year – at odds of 3.5million to one – so will celebrate their true birthday only once every four years.

Mrs Robbins, 31, and her husband Martin, 39, already had a son, three-year-old Luke, when they tried for what they thought would be their second child.

Mrs Robbins said: ‘Never in a million years did we think we’d have four babies at once. I’d be lying if I said it was easy, but we’re so glad we never gave up on our babies.’



She added: ‘At ten weeks I was a lot larger than I’d been with Luke and I was suffering from horrendous morning sickness. I was worried that something might be wrong.

‘The sonographer looked at both of us wide-eyed, turned the screen to us, then said she could see three amniotic sacs and not just two babies but four. And not just quads but identical twins as well.’

Mrs Robbins said her husband, a sign-maker, ‘looked numb and just laughed’.The next time they visited St Michael’s Hospital in Bristol, the consultant congratulated them – but then warned the couple they should consider terminating some or all of the babies.

‘He [the consultant] told us the risks were so high it would put me in danger and the babies too,’ she said.

‘He said we had three options. We could terminate the pregnancy, reduce the pregnancy by terminating some of the embryos, or carry on. Instinctively I clutched my bump. An overwhelming sense of love rushed through me and I told him that we were keeping all four of them.’