Abortion Clinic Closes After Doing Abortions for 30 Years

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Mar 5, 2013   |   6:57PM   |   Livonia, MI

Two more abortion centers have closed in Michigan, after one of them was exposed a few years ago for dumping the bodies of aborted babies in the dumpster outside the facility.

The abortion practitioner also faced a lawsuit for killing a woman in a failed abortion.

As of Saturday, the Women’s Advisory abortion center located at 27549 Six Mile Road in Livonia has closed its doors. In addition, its sister clinic, Sharpe’s Family Planning at 16738 East Warren in Detroit, has also closed and the building that housed it is up for sale.Both clinics were owned and operated by abortion practitioner Reginald Sharpe.

The clinic closings were discovered by Livonia native and veteran pro-life activist Lynn Mills, who has focused much of her pro-life efforts at the Women’s Advisory clinic since it opened 31 years ago, according to pro-life activist Monica Miller of Citizens for a Pro-life Society.

Miller told LifeNews, “The Livonia Women’s Advisory clinic is the very same abortion center were in 2008 members of CPLS found the remains of aborted babies tossed in the clinic’s trash dumpster, as well excessive bio-hazard waste and patient records all in violation of Michigan State Statues and federal HIPAA law.”

“The discovery of the closing of the Livonia clinic was made Saturday morning March 2nd when Lynn Mills and seven other pro-lifers were praying outside of the facility,” Miller continued. “Noticing very little activity at the usually busy clinic Lynn asked a friend to call the clinic and see if the clinic was taking any appointments.  To the utter astonishment of the pro-lifers, the clinic staff member said over the phone that the clinic was “permanently closed.”  The clinic staff member then referred the pro-lifer to another clinic address where an abortion could be obtained at Six Mile Road and Greenfield in Detroit.”

“This clinic is none other than the Summit Women’s Center—the same abortion clinic that hired notorious abortionist Robert Alexander after his house-of-horrors clinic in Muskegon was forcibly shut down by the local fire marshal due to its unsafe and unsanitary conditions,” Miller continued. “Apparently Summit adopts abortionists who have no other place to go. However, Summit, after a few months, decided not to employ Alexander’s services —possibly due to his negative reputation following the adverse publicity surrounding his Muskegon facility.  But is Reginald Sharpe really any better?”

Miller said that, in 2005, Sharpe’s medical license was suspended due to a 3rd trimester abortion at 27 weeks, an abortion performed in violation of Michigan state law that permits elective abortions “only” through the 24 week.

She said the order of Summary Suspension charges Sharpe with “negligence, incompetence, and actions that constitute lack of good moral character.”  The clinic informed the woman that she was “only” 23 weeks gestation. After the abortion the women experienced severe physical trauma. She delivered a dead baby at the clinic while Sharpe had already left to do abortions at his Detroit facility.

“The late term abortion incident occurred Feb. 24-25, Sharpe’s license was suspended April 1st and his Livonia clinic mysteriously burnt four days later on April 5th.  Sharpe seemed not to care that numerous patient records were blown all over the property. The abortion clinic was rebuilt and soon back in business. Proof of arson was never determined,” Miller explained.

Miller told LifeNews in her statement:

On January 11, 2008 at his Warren Avenue clinic in Detroit, Sharpe performed an abortion on a 26 year old woman, 15 weeks pregnant who later died of complications. The civil complaint filed against Sharpe states that he: “perforated [the woman’s] uterus, cut a uterine blood vessel, lacerated her intestines, and liver.”  The woman experienced a series of seizures and heart attacks, had to have a total hysterectomy and a “neurological evaluation determined that she had massive swelling of the brain due to long periods of oxygen deprivation.”  The woman died January 19th— eight days after the abortion began.

Also at his Detroit clinic, April 2, 2011 Sharpe performed an abortion on a woman whom he told “your pregnancy is barely visible.” It turns out that the woman had an ectopic pregnancy that Sharpe failed to diagnose. Fifteen days later the woman’s fallopian tube burst, causing the woman to pass out with pain, hit her head and fall on the bathroom floor.  The bursting of a fallopian tube, due to an ectopic pregnancy is potentially fatal for the woman. The fallopian tube was subsequently removed.  This is not the first time Sharpe failed to detect an ectopic pregnancy. When doing abortions at Renee Chelian’s Northland Family Clinic in Westland, MI. Sharpe failed to diagnose such a pregnancy which resulted in a March 2006 $50,000 settlement paid to the woman.

Back at his house-of-horrors in Livonia, August 5, 2011 Sharpe performed an abortion on a 23 year-year-old woman, 19 weeks pregnant. The woman complained that the procedure was extremely painful— “that it felt like he was stabbing her.”  Sharpe called 911, the woman was taken to the nearest emergency room, where an ultra sound showed that the baby’s fetal head was left in her uterus. Exploratory surgery discovered the woman’s uterus was punctured at least seven times and that fetal parts were found outside of the uterine wall. The woman also suffered lacerations of the cervix and vaginal walls.  The woman’s uterus needed to be removed, resulting in permanent sterility.



Civil suits filed against Sharpe for botched abortions may have led to his decision to file for bankruptcy last Oct.15, 2012.  This means that women, victims of his abortion practice, will not see a single cent. All their cases were dismissed by the court 2 weeks after Sharpe filed for the bankruptcy.

In the days prior to Saturday, March 2nd Women’s Advisory in Livonia was up and running. On Saturday the clinic was dead.  One of those praying at the clinic on Saturday with Lynn Mills noticed that the clinic’s front door was open—yet no one was in the building. Oddly the empty clinic was left unsecured. Police were called to the site and locked the clinic doors–   hopefully these clinic doors will remain forever locked against the killing of the innocent unborn, and the Sharpe clinics will be a sad, but ended chapter in Michigan abortion history.

A local news report provided more details:

Reginald Sharpe, of Grosse Pointe Park, filed for bankruptcy Oct. 15 in U.S. Bankruptcy Court, alleging assets of up to $50,000 and liabilities of $100,001 to $500,000. He was also the subject of three lawsuits, one filed April 29, 2011, by the family of a 26-year-old Detroit woman who died following an abortion performed by Sharpe, the other two filed Aug. 30, 2012, by women who said their reproductive organs were damaged as a result of abortions by Sharpe. One of the women had to have a hysterectomy.

Sharpe could not be reached for comment Tuesday afternoon. Someone who answered a call to the clinic phone number Tuesday said simply, “The office is closed.” A message was left for Sharpe.

The closing of The Women’s Advisory Center follows the shuttering last fall of the only other abortion clinic in Livonia, the WomanCare of Livonia clinic on Five Mile. Owner Alberto Hodari reportedly retired Jan. 31.