“Abortion Battles” Video Showed Students “Killing Babies,” Applauding

National   |   Jill Stanek   |   Mar 4, 2013   |   4:08PM   |   Washington, DC

There was such an outcry over an “Abortion Battles” baby-killing game video posted on YouTube by students at Hunter College in New York, New York, that they have removed it.

But not so fast. Pro-lifer Meg saved it, and I have reposted it

The video shows male students stuffing balloons under their shirts and then attacking each other with plastic forks. Students shout and applaud when balloons are popped, which simulates the murder of a preborn baby. One shouts, “Kill that baby, kill that baby!”

According to the New York Post:

Marco Rosales, who posted the video, wrote, “We were introduced to this epic game called `Abortion Battles.’ It’s somewhat unorthodox, but it’s really fun! Lol!.”

Interesting that this twisted game was conceived in New York, which has abortion on the brain. As nyc41percent.com reports:

New York City has one of the highest abortion ratios in America. Forty percent of viable pregnancies end in abortion in the five boroughs today – almost double the national average – and nearly 60% of viable African-American pregnancies in the city are aborted every year.

But that’s not enough baby killing for NY Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, who has proposed greater abortion expansions in the state via his Reproductive Health Act, which would allow nonphysicians to commit abortions.

So now abortion has entered the NY psyche to the extent that mock baby-killing is sport. This wasn’t harmless. It was sinister.



LifeNews.com Note: Jill Stanek fought to stop “live birth abortions” after witnessing one as an RN at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn, Illinois. That led to the Born Alive Infants Protection Act legislation, signed by President Bush, that would ensure that proper medical care be given to unborn children who survive botched abortion attempts.