Republicans to Boehner: No Budget Without Conscience Protections

National   |   Tony Perkins   |   Mar 3, 2013   |   2:40PM   |   Washington, DC

In all of U.S. history, there have never been so many women in Congress–and last week, they made sure their voices were heard. Thirteen members, all women–except for Rep. (and Dr.) John Fleming (R-La.)–sent a letter to House leadership urging Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) to refuse to pass a budget bill unless conscience rights are a part of it.

With regard to the ObamaCare contraception-abortion drug mandate, they write, “Nothing short of a full exemption for both nonprofit and for-profit entities will satisfy the demands of the Constitution and common sense.”

In the name of “affordable” health care, the administration has stripped businesses, charities, and even schools of their First Freedom: religious liberty. And while Health and Human Services insists it is “accommodating” religious institutions, the reality is that HHS’s “solution” provides “no remedy for individuals and small business owners, such as Hobby Lobby…” Instead, the Congressmen write, it continues to exact a “heavy moral and financial burden on religious and non-religious affiliate employers who seek to provide quality health coverage consistent with their beliefs.”

The administration likes to argue that “comprehensive care” is the goal, when the real objective is obviously ideological conformity. If it weren’t, the penalty for not providing employee insurance ($2,000 a year per employee) would be far greater than exorbitant fines ($100 per employee, per day) for refusing to provide contraception and abortion pills. At its core, this mandate is about strong-arming Americans into the President’s abortion orthodoxy.



I understand that not everyone is affected by the mandate, but every American will be affected by the loss of their religious liberty. And once it’s gone, there will be no going back.

Don’t wait to get involved in the fight. Contact your congressman and urge him or her to protect the conscience rights of every American!

LifeNews Note: Tony Perkins is the president of the Family Research Council.