Activists Don’t Care About Pain Babies Feel During Abortion

Opinion   |   Luis Zaffirini   |   Feb 21, 2013   |   6:01PM   |   Washington, DC

Just this week, the state senates of Arkansas and North Dakota passed legislation that protects unborn children capable of feeling pain from abortion.

In fact, just today the Arkansas House of Representative sent their bill to Governor Mike Beebe. This is the National Right to Life model law already on the books in seven states. This legislation has struck a nerve, so to speak, with the abortion industry.

And the abortion industry should be afraid because their strident opposition to the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act puts their utter callousness on public display. This legislation is the result of scientific evidence that unborn children feel pain. This evidence further humanizes unborn life, which should make it easier to empathize with that life and care for it.

Pro-aborts know that the more the unborn child is seen in the obvious and natural context of the human life cycle, the more threatened is their uncaring rhetoric.

The way people respond to the scientific evidence that the unborn child feels pain speaks volumes. Some of us have taken what science shows and reacted by supporting laws protecting innocent unborn life. Others with exposure to the very same evidence have generated technology and an industry that literally destroys innocent human life–the abortion industry.

But the facts of the humanity of the unborn and the inhumanity of abortion cannot coexist permanently, and people know this.  This is why the American people, especially the youth, increasingly support protection for the right to life of the unborn. The more science reveals the realities of human life before birth, the more we see the unborn as fellow a human being deserving of her or his own existence.

Abortion proponents ignore the evidence to continue and increase their inhumane industry. Indeed, the pro-abortion argument is littered with willed ignorance: Ignore what you see in an ultrasound photo or even video. Ignore modern scientific evidence that the unborn is very much a living, growing, and developing member of our species. Ignore the evidence that our personalities and tastes develop before we are born. Ignore that as medical science improved, children are not only surviving but thriving when they are born earlier and earlier.



But most of all, ignore the evidence that the unborn have any experience that makes them seem more like you and me.

The pro-life movement will not ignore the humanity of the unborn, and we continue to care no matter what. The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is a sign of our humanness and our compassion.  Congratulations to Arkansas Right to Life and North Dakota Right to Life for advancing that cause!

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