Planned Parenthood Pushes Sex-Education on 11-Year-Olds

State   |   Rita Diller   |   Feb 20, 2013   |   8:06PM   |   Dover, DE

She’s just 11 years old, but Nyiray Thomas already knows what she would say if someone ever tries to convince her to have unprotected sex, even just once.

“I would say no, because I don’t want to have a child,” she said. “I want to achieve my goals.”

So begins an article on the website of Planned Parenthood of Delaware promoting its Obamacare funded “sexuality education training institute,” purportedly designed “to teach young people about abstinence and contraception.” But where is the abstinence education in this scenario? The only abstinence encouraged by Planned Parenthood is abstaining from “unprotected” sex. Add a few steroids and a condom and you have the green light for sex for eleven-year-old children—without regard to morality, health consequences, or other impacts upon the child.

At a very tender age, this child has already been taught that babies are her enemy and that sex is fine as long as condoms and contraceptives are employed.

On February 6, we published an article entitled “Babies as enemies: Planned Parenthood’s sterile sexuality dehumanizes preborn.” That article tracks the words of a former atheist who grew up with the same type of sex education and says that she got the message loud and clear:

The message I’d heard loud and clear was that the purpose of sex was for pleasure and bonding, that its potential for creating life was purely tangential, almost to the point of being forgotten about altogether. This mindset laid the foundation of my views on abortion. Because I saw sex as being closed to the possibility to life by default, I thought of pregnancies that weren’t planned as akin to being struck by lightning while walking down the street: Something totally unpredictable, undeserved, that happened to people living normal lives.

Babies had become the enemy because of their tendencies to pop up out of the blue and ruin everything; and just as societies are tempted to dehumanize the fellow human beings who are on the other side of the lines in wartime, so had I, and we as a society, dehumanized the enemy of sex.

How does Planned Parenthood manage to gain access to children to carry out their brainwashing at such a tender age? It certainly is constantly on the prowl for entrance into school settings. But since the advent of Obamacare’s PREP funding, it has begun partnering with community organizations that no one would ever suspect.

In the city of Wilmington, Delaware, middle school children are involved in an after-school program in a “back room” at a facility for senior citizens. According to the Planned Parenthood website, 44 educators and staff from the Department of Education and 47 youth service providers have received training to present the PREP materials. It boasts:

Rebecca Roberts, education and training manager for Planned Parenthood’s Sexuality Education Training Institute, also is training local educators and personnel with other community agencies so they can bring the program to the youths they work with. . . .

During the recent class for middle-school students, held after school in a back room at People’s Settlement Association Senior Center in Wilmington, kids talked frankly about the possible repercussions of having unprotected sex, how to put on a condom and how to handle a situation in which they’re being pressured to have unprotected sex.

The atmosphere was light-hearted, with lots of jokes and smiles—particularly during the conversational role-playing scenarios—but their attention was squarely on Roberts as she spoke.

One shudders to imagine the “conversational role-playing” activities that are foisted upon these little children—many of them prepubescent. According to the website, Delaware claimed $250,000 in PREP funding for each of the past two years to implement such programs. Students are coerced into attending workshops with the promise of a gift card after the completion of four two-hour classes.

The website further reveals that Christiana Care Health Systems is involved. “It really fuels the camaraderie to be together,” said Alfie Moss, a community health ambassador affiliated with Christiana Care Health System, focusing on Wilmington’s East Side. “And in the group, it gives them permission to understand.”



Permission to understand? Or permission to be violated?

Chances are these children are also being given the free birth control of Planned Parenthood’s choosing along with their indoctrination, since Planned Parenthood is celebrating the fact that, nationwide, the abortion giant now provides the same types of birth control, free of charge, thanks to Obamacare and the good old American taxpayer. This includes implants—which Planned Parenthood much prefers for young and minority clients—and sterilization.

STOPP is working to inform parents, pastors, and others in leadership roles about the obscenity that is being heaped on very young children in the name of “comprehensive” and “evidence-based” sex education. Note: Rita Diller is the national director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood Project.