Prayer Works: A Case Study in Closing an Abortion Clinic

Opinion   |   Natalie Brumfield   |   Feb 15, 2013   |   11:25AM   |   Jackson, MS

Let me take you on a dream stream. A “prophetic swirl” that if measured carefully will encourage your heart to pray even more in this hour that is so close to the ending of abortion.

Here is how it begins: I was 7-years-old when I stood in front of my first abortion center in Jackson, Mississippi to pray for the babies. It was Jackson Women’s Health abortion center. I was standing with my daddy and holding his hand as he explained to me why we needed to pray at our local abortion center. You see, my dad was my Mordecai raising me up and telling me my 7-year-old voice mattered to God. Fast forward 18 years. I’m a young woman living in Birmingham, Alabama with the honor of leading Bound4LIFE Birmingham where other men, women, and children put their voice before God to end abortion.

Back in 2009, I had a pivotal dream that I was “cheering” for Mississippi only to find out a few days later that one of my best friends, another Bound4LIFE Chapter Leader, had a similar dream that she, too, was cheering for Mississippi. We knew from that dream that we must focus on partnering in prayer for Mississippi to end abortion in their state and cheer them on in their efforts.

Last year on April 4, 2012, we began to see the Mississippi dream come to life. State lawmakers passed a bill, HB 1390, requiring any physician performing abortions in the state to be a board-certified OB-GYN and to have admitting privileges at an area hospital. That would immediately disqualify all the abortionists in the state’s only abortion facility, Jackson Women’s Health. Essentially, this law would shut down the last abortion center by cutting through the “red tape” of Roe v. Wade. The bill was sent to Governor Phil Bryant who had openly declared that he wants to see Mississippi become abortion-free.

God wasn’t finished. On Good Friday, April 5, 2012, the pro-life community of Birmingham received an email from the Alabama Department of Public Health upon their investigation of New Woman All Women abortion center. Their investigation revealed significant failures in maintaining compliance with the Rules of the Alabama State Board of Health for the safe and effective provision of care. Based on these findings, a license revocation hearing had been scheduled for April 19th, 2012. However, a settlement was reached that required the operator to relinquish their license on or before May 18, 2012. This closed New Woman All Women for the time being from practicing abortion procedures.

This is where it gets even more personal for me. It just so happens that the owner of that abortion center in Jackson, Mississippi is the very same woman who owns the abortion center in Birmingham where I prayed, and the location whose license was revoked. God strategically positions His intercessory voices. Jackson and Birmingham’s abortion center owner has been called the “Abortion Queen” by the media. What they didn’t know was that God was preparing a Hadassah at age 7 and tens of thousands more exactly like her. They wear a better crown, and they have the King’s signet ring to reverse the evil of this woman’s blood thirsty reign.

That same Good Friday in 2012, Esther’s from across the country gathered to Dallas, Texas to fast and pray for the ending of abortion at a solemn assembly called The Esther Call. There we welcomed 39 women who had just marched all the way from Houston where the nation’s largest abortion center stands (78,000 square feet); 39 women for 39 years of abortion. Their 21-day journey ended at the Federal Court building in downtown Dallas where Roe v. Wade began. Every one of their steps was meant to claim back the ground the enemy had stolen. There we all gathered for a Good Friday communion service and applied the blood of Christ to our national sin. History was made that day.

The timing of Mississippi’s HB-1390, the license revocation hearing for the Birmingham abortion center, and The Esther Call all converged in a “kairos” moment. God was laying before us the establishment of the ending of abortion in this nation. For the first time since Roe v. Wade, abortion could end in one of our states and do away with the business of one our nation’s many abortion queens.

The reverberation of the events and prayers of last April have set the stage for breakthrough this year. At The Esther Call I began praying Psalm 139 over HB-1390. It was a bill that would end abortion in Mississippi by what many refer to as “red tape.” Nine months later, January 2013, I joined with Matt Lockett, the Justice House of Prayer DC and Bound4LIFE staff in our “Divine Deadline” 21-day prayer and fasting assignment leading up to the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. We understood at the end of the fast that we must pray that the deadline for Roe v. Wade would be up. We understood that if abortion missed its divine deadline, then we would see victory like never before. This immediately became a powerful point of agreement in prayer as many began to pray for the divine deadlines to be enforced.

Then, just days ago on February 8th, I received word from Life Legal Defense that New Woman All Women abortion center in Birmingham, “did not submit any new documents since the January deadline. Therefore the license was denied as incomplete.” The deadline to complete the application – the third deadline they had been given by ADPH – was February 5th, 2013. This means that the most recent application for the reopening of the New Woman All Women abortion clinic in Birmingham has been denied. New Woman All Women abortion center will not reopen.

They missed their deadline! They missed their deadline due to red tape. I believe it goes beyond their understanding of governmental red tape as the cause. It was the prayers of all of those who pray for life in our country and from the red tape across Bound4LIFE intercessor’s mouths praying for Life in our nation.

What has this to do with the last abortion center in Mississippi? On the last day of our Divine Deadline prayer and fasting assignment an article was released from a pro-abortion writer that struck the very core of my heart, my Mississippi dream, and the red tape across my mouth all at the same time.

The article stated:

Mississippi already has one of the lowest abortion rates in the United States, with just 5 percent of women electing to end their pregnancies—compared to 19 percent nationally. It is one of just three states—along with North and South Dakota—that have only one clinic and zero providers who live in-state.

The Center for Reproductive Rights has challenged the new law, and the state department of health has given the clinic until January to comply. If it fails, Michelle Movahed, an attorney at the center, worries that the closure could set off a domino effect, with more and more legislatures using red tape to close clinics, in effect nullifying Roe v. Wade one state at a time. “Mississippi is the dream for what anti-abortion groups are trying to have happen.”



What a profoundly prophetic statement straight from the mouth of the abortion center’s attorney. “A domino effect for red tape to close clinics.” Check. “Mississippi is the dream.” Check, check. This is what I consider to be confirmation of the prayers of the saints and the convergence of our time with God’s divine timing. We are on the precipice of seeing the abortion end one state at a time due to God’s dream for us, His red tape of justice, and His divine deadline. Pray with us, Church! Don’t miss out on partnering with the dreams of God and declaring His divine deadline for the ending of abortion.

You have a glorious part in this dream stream. Will you pray?

LifeNews Note: works as a curriculum writer and volunteer coordinator for the children’s ministry at her local church in Birmingham, Alabama. She’s on the leadership team for the Birmingham Prayer Furnace as a prayer leader and serves as a weekly counselor for Sav-A-Life, a local pregnancy test center. Reprinted with permission from Bound4Life.