Rubio State of the Union Response: “Every Life is Precious”

Politics   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 13, 2013   |   12:00AM   |   Washington, DC

In a genuine State of the Union response that saw pro-life Sen. Marco Rubio nervously present a Republican response to pro-abortion President Barack Obama, the Florida senator made a pro-life case.

“The State of the Union address is always a reminder of how unique America is. For much of human history, most people were trapped in stagnant societies, where a tiny minority always stayed on top, and no one else even had a chance,” he said. “But America is exceptional because we believe that every life, at every stage, is precious, and that everyone everywhere has a God-given right to go as far as their talents and hard work will take them.”

During the address, Rubio talked about Obamacare, which pro-life groups have called the biggest expansion for abortion in history.

“For example, Obamacare was supposed to help middle class Americans afford health insurance. But now, some people are losing the health insurance they were happy with. And because Obamacare created expensive requirements for companies with more than 50 employees, now many of these businesses aren’t hiring. Not only that; they’re being forced to lay people off and switch from full-time employees to part-time workers,” Rubio said.

“Now does this mean there’s no role for government? Of course not. It plays a crucial part in keeping us safe, enforcing rules, and providing some security against the risks of modern life. But government’s role is wisely limited by the Constitution. And it can’t play its essential role when it ignores those limit,” Rubio continued.

Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser praised Rubio for standing for life during his rebuttal to President Obama’s State of the Union address.

“Senator Rubio is right. How we honor the worth of every human life is the true measure of our character. Our union can never be secure and strong until we protect the weakest and most vulnerable among us,” she said.

Dannenfelser told LifeNews: “In his State of the Union address, President Obama ignored the plight of hundreds of thousands of Americans who will have their lives ended sometime this year due to abortion. He left behind the hopes and dreams of hundreds of thousands of women who would make a different choice with more support from their partners, neighbors, communities and government. Our nation cannot hope to prosper without first recognizing the need to protect the most innocent of our citizens.”

She said, “we thank Senator Rubio for his leadership and the promise he represents of a new direction for our nation on the sanctity of every human life.”

Andrew Bair, a LifeNews political reporter, tweeted that he thought Rubio did a good job.

“Rubio did wonderfully. Felt he was able to connect in more personal, human way than most GOP lawmakers I’ve ever heard,” he said. “Appreciated Rubio’s shout-out to improving education options for special needs children. They deserve our infinite love & support.”

“Proud @marcorubio noted that every life is precious. That’s what makes America exceptional. We desire to protect all,” Bair said.