“Culture of Life Africa” Launches to Promote Pro-Life in Africa

International   |   Nicole Collins   |   Feb 10, 2013   |   8:17PM   |   Washington, DC

It all started when one rich Western philanthropist tripped the switch with the weight of her wealth.

Last summer, the flood “gates” of contraception were opened on the poorest nations in the world, and most of these were African nations. American billionaire, Melinda Gates, and other Western philanthropists poured astronomical amounts of money into projects that, at their roots, will drastically reduce the fertility of the poor.   Since then, new abortion bills have been introduced throughout Africa, and stringent population control measures are being strongly proposed around the continent.

In response, Nigerian-born Obianuju Ekeocha wrote an open letter to Gates in the Catholic Free Press opposing this initiative.  This cavalier attitude towards human sexuality and life will “undoubtedly start to erode and poison the moral sexual ethics that have been woven into our societal DNA by our faith,” Ekeocha said.

Ekeocha received wide-spread attention in Catholic and pro-life media, which set in motion a wider effort to proclaim Pope John Paul II’s “Gospel of Life” throughout Africa.  Culture of Life Africa will be dedicated to following the news on life issues in and about Africa, and will hold its first conference in Owerri, Nigeria at the end of May, with plans to expand those events throughout the continent.

The mission of Culture of Life Africa is to passionately preserve and promote, through good information, this Culture of Life and Civilization of Love.  Its hope and commitment is to present the real image of Africa, especially that of the African woman, who is valiant in motherhood even as she is vibrant in her deep faith in God Almighty who fills her heart with splendorous light and love of life.



Culture of Life Africa can be found on the web at www.cultureoflifeafrica.org, on Facebook at Culture of Life Africa, and on Twitter at twitter.com/COLAfrica.