Screams Heard From 911 Call in Abortion Carhart Previously Botched

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 8, 2013   |   5:39PM   |   Germantown, MD

Abortion practitioner LeRoy Carhart botched an abortion yesterday that killed a woman in Maryland. The 29-year old woman died yesterday as the result of fatal complications suffered during an abortion at 33 weeks.

Carhart performed the abortion at the Germantown Reproductive Health Center in Germantown, Maryland. As LifeNews reported, the unnamed woman went to the abortion facility for a third trimester abortion from out-of-state and arrived at Germantown Reproductive Health Center on Sunday to start the abortion process. Local pro-life advocates protesting outside saw her every day until yesterday, and described her as appearing “pale and weak.”

Early Thursday morning, the woman began suffering chest pain and other discomforts, the group informed LifeNews. Her attempts to reach Carhart were unsuccessful. The woman was taken by her family from her hotel to a nearby hospital emergency room at approximately 5:00 a.m. Efforts by hospital staff to contact Carhart or get informational assistance from the abortion clinic were unsuccessful.

Operation Rescue says the abortion patient suffered massive internal bleeding into her abdominal cavity. She slipped into a Code Blue condition approximately six times before finally succumbing to her injuries at around 9:30 a.m. The case has been placed with the Medical Examiner for further investigation.

But this is not the first time Carhart has botched an abortion and victimized a woman.

In a 911 tape regarding a failed abortion Carhart performed last year, moans and screams can be heard.

A botched abortion patient can be heard moaning in obvious distress during recordings of two 911 calls placed on Saturday, March 31, 2012. The calls originated from Abortion and Contraceptive Clinic of Nebraska, run by LeRoy Carhart in Bellevue, a suburb of Omaha. Carhart did abortions there before being hired in Maryland.

The recordings and witness statements indicate that Carhart may be breaking the Nebraska ban on late-term abortions after 20 weeks.

The abortion worker who placed the initial call specifically asked that an ambulance be sent with “no lights or sirens.”

The recordings, obtained by Operation Rescue through an open records request, show that clinic workers were uncooperative and slow to give information about the patient’s condition to the emergency dispatcher.



The caller, who said she knew nothing of the patient’s condition, questioned the nurse, Lindsey (Alejandro) Creekmore, in the procedure room in an attempt to get information to the dispatcher that was needed in order to get the woman the help she needed.

“What’s going on, Lindsey?” the caller asked. “They want to know. 911 wants to know. They want to know what’s going on. I need an answer.”

A witness that was at the scene when the ambulance arrived stated, “I saw a woman, who looked like she was quite pregnant, clutching her stomach as she was put into the ambulance. She had a drape below her belly.”

Police told witnesses to the incident that the woman was transported to the Bellevue Medical Center where she was treated.

Carhart was present at the time of the medical emergency in March, but did not participate in the 911 calls. He was involved in the 3rd trimester abortion death of a patient in 2005.