Pro-Life Groups Saddened at Woman’s Late-Term Abortion Death

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 8, 2013   |   2:47PM   |   Germantown, MD

Representatives of pro-life groups are saddened and disappointed to hear of a woman who died from a legal late-term abortion in Maryland yesterday. As LifeNews reported, a 29-year old woman died yesterday as the result of fatal complications suffered during an abortion at 33 weeks.

The following are some of the responses LifeNews has received from pro-life leaders:

Live Action President Lila Rose:  While his twenty-nine-year-old patient and her eight-month-old baby were dying, late-term abortionist Leroy Carhart skipped town, leaving the hospital and the young woman’s family desperate for answers. We know about this double-homicide only because a doctor with a conscience made the information public; after all, Carhart himself [second from left] is busy whitewashing and promoting his grisly work through a Hollywood film. So how many women and children are killed by abortionists like Carhart without our ever knowing, their deaths covered up by pro-abortion physicians?

Not only does Carhart’s violent work literally tear women from their
children, but it also divides women against themselves; they suffer and mourn for their lost children, yet they are all the while told by Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion entities that they have no good reason to grieve.

These tragic and unnecessary deaths underline what Live Action has detailed again and again: abortion is not safe – for anyone. Women who understand what these horrible abortions entail do not want them. And those women who are lied to and misled about these “procedures” deserve to know exactly what Big Abortion – and their abortion bosses like Carhart – seek to do to them.

Nebraska Right to Life president Julie Schmit-Albin:  “The young woman died after an abortion was done on her at 33 weeks gestation.” said Julie Schmit-Albin, Executive Director of Nebraska Right to Life.  “According to news reports, the abortion was done by LeRoy Carhart in a Germantown, Maryland clinic that he has been conducting abortions at ever since Nebraska’s ban on abortions at 20 weeks went into effect in October, 2010.  The news reports state that the woman’s family had to take her to a hospital emergency room after repeated attempts to get Carhart to address their concerns.  The procedure which Carhart uses in late term abortions involves several days and a stay in a nearby location unsupervised by medical personnel. This is a tragic loss of life that did not need to happen and our hearts go out to this young woman’s family.”

“Nebraska’s gain was Maryland’s loss and sadly, a young woman has died.” said Schmit-Albin. “One hopes that Maryland medical licensing authorities will do a thorough investigation to determine who else is at risk and what can be done about it at this late term abortion facility in Germantown.”



Students for Life of America President Kristan Hawkins: “We are heartbroken at the news that another mother and child have fallen victim to the horrors of legal abortion in this country. Yesterday, a 29 year-old woman, with her whole life ahead of her, walked into LeRoy Carhart’s office and never walked out. Dr. Carhart did more than just end the life of her eight month child-in-utero, he ended hers.

“Carhart has a long history of abhorrent practices at his late-term abortion facilities. He should have been shut down a long time ago. If he had, this mother and child and countless others would still be alive today. He needs to be stopped immediately.

“We pray for this young woman and her family and recommit ourselves to abolishing all abortion so that never again will a woman feel that killing the life within her is her only choice. So that never again will a pre-born child have his or her life snuffed out in the womb. So that never again will butchers like LeRoy Carhart be legally allowed to take the life of mother and child.”