Sex Ed Publisher ETR an Offshoot of Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

National   |   Rita Diller   |   Feb 4, 2013   |   10:03AM   |  

Critical to Planned Parenthood’s success in reaching our children with its deadly message is its ability to go undercover to get its abusive information everywhere. It does so via the extensive networks it has built within communities, states, and on the national and international level.

Its day-to-day dirty work in the field of sex education is often spun out by organizations to which it has close ties, particularly organizations that were at one time part of the Planned Parenthood conglomerate, but are now independent. One such organization is the Guttmacher Institute, which began as Planned Parenthood’s research arm and was so much a part of the organization that its income was reported on Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s annual reports from 1979 through 2006.

Another Planned Parenthood offspring is ETR Associates—publisher and clearinghouse for Planned Parenthood-approved curriculum that is pushed as “evidence-based” and “comprehensive.”

We published a celebratory article last week about North Dakota booting a Planned Parenthood sex ed program, and we encouraged parents and other community members to find out the extent of Planned Parenthood’s involvement in their communities and schools so that they, too, can dump Planned Parenthood sex indoctrination.

Following national circulation of that article, we received several inquiries about how to find out whether a school has a relationship with Planned Parenthood. One can and should send letters to school districts requesting—under the Freedom of Information Act—information about any collaboration, partnerships, contracts, or other relationship between the school district and Planned Parenthood.

However, lack of direct partnerships with Planned Parenthood does not mean there is no involvement. Because the abortion giant has become so controversial, it knows that if parents are aware it is involved, they will back away from the program faster than a jackrabbit can run from a German shepherd.

When a priest e-mailed us this week to inquire whether the Draw the Line, Respect the Line curriculum was tied to Planned Parenthood, it didn’t take long to discover that it was developed, published, and sold by ETR Associates. ETR began as the education arm of Planned Parenthood of Santa Cruz.

Further research reveals that the program is promoted on Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s website, and that it is used overtly by Planned Parenthood of the Heartland, as well as Los Angeles Planned Parenthood, Massachusetts Planned Parenthood, and Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.

Draw the Line, Respect the Line was written by Karin K. Coyle, who is on staff at ETR Associates. She was also a researcher in the study that was used to validate the program. That means that the person who was paid to write the program is the same person who was paid to evaluate the effectiveness of the program. And surprise! She and her cohorts found it was effective! At least effective in impacting males, average age 12, who it says were less likely to report sexual activity following participation in the program. But it had no such impact on females. And it influenced neither males nor females to increase condom use, though it appears condom usage lies at the heart of the program.

Coyle’s work is listed in the bibliography on adolescent health by the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Assisting Coyle in the research to “validate” Draw the Line, Respect the Line was Cynthia A. Gomez. Gomez’s lengthy resume reads like a tribute to Planned Parenthood and its agenda. She was chair of the APHA Lesbian and Gay Caucus of Public Health Workers and has held positions with Planned Parenthood’s research arm, the Guttmacher Institute, since 1999. She was the chair of the Guttmacher Institute’s executive committee from 2002-2004. She was on the board of directors of Planned Parenthood Federation of America from 2001-2004, and was a member of the Trojan Sexual Health Advisory Council from 2005-2008. Trojan manufactures condoms and sex toys.



When you find there is a “comprehensive” or “evidence-based” sex ed program being touted in your community, it is almost a given that Planned Parenthood is tied to the program at some level. One notable exception is Heritage Keepers, which is the only curriculum on the HHS list of evidence-based programs that is an abstinence-until-marriage curriculum, according to correspondence sent to STOPP this week from Mary McLellan of Heritage Community Services. She says that the curriculum has been under heavy attack from Planned Parenthood.

STOPP is amassing information about Planned Parenthood’s connections to various sex education programs to help people on the local level bring the fight to the abortion giant and protect our children. If you have questions about Planned Parenthood’s involvement with a specific program, we will be glad to help you find the answers. E-mail us at [email protected] Note: Rita Diller is the national director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood Project.