North Carolina Cracks Down on Dirty, Unsafe Abortion Clinic

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Feb 4, 2013   |   12:57PM   |   Charlotte, NC

The North Carolina Department of Health has cited an abortion clinic, A Preferred Women’s Center in Charlotte for multiple violations. The report comes after a local pro-life advocate filed a complaint with the department about conditions at the facility after she witnessed a medical emergency there in October, 2012.

The pro-life activist was notified of the citations in a letter dated January 2, 2013. According to Operation Rescue, which informed LifeNews of the letter today, the letter indicated that the Department of Health made an unannounced visit to A Preferred Women’s Center on December 11, 2012.

The pro-life group indicates the department found abortion clinic guilty of the following violations:

  • Failure to ensure staff were trained and competent to use medical equipment at the facility.
  • Failure to follow their transfer policy.
  • Failure to maintain a clean and sanitary environment.
  • Failure to remove expired drugs and secure medication properly.

“These violations are troubling to say the least,” said Cheryl Sullenger, Senior Policy Advisor for Operation Rescue.

She told LifeNews: “Untrained staff members that don’t know how to use the equipment are subjecting women to below-standard services at a dirty abortion clinic, and when things go wrong, these incompetent people cannot be counted on to follow their own policies regarding getting women emergency help in a timely manner. As for the drug violations, this speaks volumes about sloppy practices and reckless disregard for the lives and health of women that is inflicted upon ladies at this clinic on a routine basis.”

“It is obvious that there are some serious issues at Preferred Women. Its sloppy practices and the racist views of its abortionist have created conditions that are both dangerous and demeaning. It’s a place that women should avoid like the plague,” said Sullenger. “I doubt if even pro-choice supporters would oppose our calls to close down this dump.”

On October 1, 2012, an ambulance was photographed at A Preferred Women’s Center responding to a medical emergency. Local activists notified Operation Rescue of the incident.

The pro-life group attempted to obtain 911 records through Freedom of Information Act requests, but those requests were denied. Unwilling to let the matter rest, a complaint was filed with the Department of Health by a local activist working with Operation Rescue. That complaint prompted the Health Department inspection, it told LifeNews.

“Two other allegations were not able to be substantiated by the inspector, including failure to have qualified physicians and failure to ensure patients meet discharge requirements,” OR said.

Concerning those allegations the Health Department noted, “Although your allegations may not have been substantiated, it does not mean that they may not have had some validity. It means we were unable to verify they based on the information available to us.”



Video of a previous medical emergency that took place at this clinic on December 1, 2009, was published by Operation Rescue. In addition, Preferred Women’s abortionist, Ron Virmani, has a history of medical board discipline.

In July, 2012, he was caught on tape making racist remarks in reference to Black babies.

“As a taxpayer, I do not wish to pay for those babies to be born…Go ahead and pay for them. Let me see you adopt one of those ugly Black babies,” Virmani shouted at pro-life protesters during an emotional rant.