New Brochure Reveals the Truth About Planned Parenthood

National   |   Human Life Alliance   |   Feb 3, 2013   |   8:53PM   |   Washington, DC

“To me, they were like the good guys; I thought they just handed out the pill and condoms.”

Planned Parenthood publicationThat’s what 47-year-old Karen told HLA about Planned Parenthood (PP)-the nation’s largest abortion chain. No wonder Georgetown grad student Sandra Fluke is its biggest fan. Free contraceptives and free sex. What more could an independent, liberated, young woman ask for?

As a society, we’ve allowed Planned Parenthood to co-opt our children’s education and our health care will soon to be dominated by this same perverse group. We’re in real trouble.

You probably already know something about Planned Parenthood, but do you know about its designs to enslave our young people into sexual addiction which drives the profit making service of abortion? Do you know PP’s ultimate goal is population control?

Too many people in the United States are just like Karen. They believe Planned Parenthood and its workers are the “good guys” and that they protect us from the dangers of “unwanted” children and unprotected sex.

It’s time to put a stop to this ignorance.

Pro-life leaders from across the nation asked HLA to develop a new publication to counteract the schemes of Planned Parenthood. In an unprecedented show of unity, we’ve come together with eight of those leaders to create HLA’s latest groundbreaking publication, which illuminates PP’s most insidious efforts.

For the first time ever, HLA has designed a piece specifically for mailing and neighborhood literature drops. It’s designed for widespread community use and we need your help to get the message out!



Could you consider taking The Truth Behind Planned Parenthood door to door in your neighborhood or sponsoring a mailing in your area? We need to debunk the myth of Planned Parenthood’s big-money brand of “altruism” if we’re to save our children and grandchildren from PP’s culture of death.

We expect The Truth Behind Planned Parenthood to be a powerful new force for the pro-life movement, but need your assistance to roll out this important new effort. Please consider how you can help today-I hope we hear from you soon.