Pro-Life Movement is Quietly Winning the Abortion Battle

Opinion   |   Stacie Kuhns   |   Feb 1, 2013   |   4:48PM   |   Washington, DC

A few weeks ago Planned Parenthood started the process of distancing themselves from the term “Pro-choice.” I watched a seemingly benign video of the explanation for why Planned Parenthood is making this shift. They claim in the video that “abortion is complicated and for many people it’s not a black and white issue.” They go on claiming, “A Majority of Americans believe Abortion should remain safe and legal, many just don’t use the words pro-choice. They don’t necessarily identify as pro life either. Truth is, they just don’t want to be labeled.”

Our team at JHOP DC Prays regularly for our governmental leaders and our nation as a whole, and we watch the news for answers to our prayers. We have found them there often. This is why we pay attention to GALLUP or similar polls of the American people on the issue of abortion. In the last year or so we’ve been encouraged by their results. Over the last couple of years, barring an occasional spike, the tendency of Americans to label themselves “pro-choice” has been steadily declining. When I saw the video I knew it was in response to these polls, and I also knew they were skewing the results.

They claimed that the majority of Americans thought abortion should remain safe and legal. This is extremely misleading. In response to the question, “Do you think abortions should be legal under any circumstances, legal only under certain circumstances, or illegal in all circumstances,” the majority of Americans chose “legal only under certain circumstances.” Later in the video they go on to claim, “What they want is for a woman to have access to safe and legal abortion if and when (emphasis added) she needs it.” They misappropriate the word “need.” Though the majority of Americans may think there is a time a woman may need an abortion (In a medical emergency, for instance), we know from experience that if regulations were put on abortion to only be legal in cases when it is “necessary” Planned Parenthood would not be so benign and willing to, as they urge their listeners, enter into a “conversation based on mutual respect and empathy.”

I find the overall tone of the video ridiculous. The voice of Planned Parenthood is asking why Planned Parenthood chooses to label themselves as pro-choice as though that label comes from someone who doesn’t understand. In reality, the label pro-choice was specifically selected to unite those together who supported abortion-on-demand and wanted to push forward their comprehensive radical agenda. They chose a terminology which diverted attention away from their main cause in order to make abortion easier to digest. Planned Parenthood is essentially claiming that “nobody really knows what the terms “pro-choice” or “pro-life” mean, it’s too complicated.” The reality is that everyone knows exactly what pro-choice means, and many are choosing instead to be pro-life.

Planned Parenthood thinks that making support of abortion impossible to define will even further assimilate abortion into the American culture. In one way, it is an effective strategy to be able to affect even deeper deceit, confusion and manipulation of the American people. If there is no way to define support of abortion, they may claim that everyone supports abortion– in some way or another. If someone isn’t paying attention to the numbers, they just might believe them. This way they can and do continue to claim that, “A majority of Americans believe abortion should remain safe and legal, many just don’t use the words pro-choice.”

The reality is actually perfectly clear. The second to last poll taken asks “regardless of whether or not you think it should be legal, for each one, please tell me whether you personally believe that in general it is morally acceptable or morally wrong. How about abortion?” Out of all the people polled, 51% said it was morally wrong while only 38% said they thought it was morally acceptable (emphasis added). Whether or not Americans think that Abortion should be legal, and no matter what cases they think it should be allowed, Americans by-and-large believe that abortion is morally wrong.



Anyone who asks for evidence need only turn on the news. Today thousands of people are going to be gathering on the mall and marching to the court where Roe v. Wade was decided, joining together to commit themselves to the ending of abortion. These people do not think abortion is an “if-and-when” situation, and they are not confused about what it means to be pro-choice or pro-life.

Be not mistaken, the opinions of Americans are changing, our prayers are working, we are winning, almost as quietly as Planned Parenthood is scrambling to change their failing strategy.

LifeNews: Stacie is a missionary with the Justice House of Prayer in Washington, DC.