Woman: Planned Parenthood Falsified Abortion Records, Denied Me Ultrasound

National   |   Rita Diller   |   Jan 31, 2013   |   6:30PM   |   Washington, DC

The stinging tears and palpable heartbreak of a young woman deceived by Planned Parenthood say more than a book crammed with words ever could convey about the harm done to women when they are deprived of a glimpse of the humanity of their children before aborting them.

“I just got back from Planned Parenthood,” a visibly distraught young lady says in a YouTube video posted on January 19. She had just picked up records from a Planned Parenthood abortion that happened six years earlier. She says Planned Parenthood falsified the records regarding her age at the time of the abortion.

Struggling to maintain her composure, she sifts through the abortion records until she finds the ultrasound report. It indicates that she was offered and took advantage of the opportunity to view the image of her son prior to the abortion. She flatly denies that.

“I never saw my ultrasound,” she says. “I was told nothing was visible, and I was told that it wouldn’t matter—you couldn’t see a heartbeat, you couldn’t see anything. . . . I wouldn’t know what I was looking at.”

She displays the ultrasound form, which says that she requested and was given a copy of the image. “I wasn’t ever given a picture of my son. But when I went to Planned Parenthood today and I got all of the records, I saw that ultrasound for the very first time—about six years later,” she says, choking back tears. She points to an image in which she says she can see her baby’s heart beating.

She appeals to Planned Parenthood and to the people who support it with a heartfelt cry:

I just want to know why I was denied seeing this. You say that women don’t change their minds because of it. I don’t know if I would have, but if I had, would it have been so bad? You talk about choice, and all this crap, but when we want to pass laws about women having to see their ultrasound before having an abortion, [you say] that’s wrong. So basically, what you are saying is you don’t want to give them full choice. You just want them to pick your choice.

“I can’t even explain how much I sobbed when I saw that.”

She tearfully continues,

And my world just fell apart all over again. This was my child. This wasn’t a choice or just a little something that I got rid of in a simple medical procedure. This was my son. And this is the first time I’ve ever seen him. And there is something so wrong about that.

Until we stop allowing Planned Parenthood to obfuscate and lie about the humanity of those lives it considers worth sacrificing for the money it makes, the world will continue to be deceived and Planned Parenthood will continue to flourish, becoming fatter and fatter on our tax dollars and on the blood of the precious innocent aborted babies who so often get omitted from the abortion debate.



The personhood of these children is real and undeniable. We must protect their lives from the moment of creation, and guarantee their rights as members of the human family from the beginning of their biological development. For more information on personhood, visit our website.

LifeNews.com Note: Rita Diller is the national director of American Life League’s Stop Planned Parenthood Project.