Last Mississippi Abortion Clinic Painted Pink to Drum Up Business

State   |   Adam Cassandra   |   Jan 31, 2013   |   3:52PM   |   Jackson, MS

In an effort to draw attention to itself, the Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Mississippi’s last abortion clinic, surprised the public with a shiny pink paint job this week.

“It’s a woman’s color,” said owner Diane Derzis. “It’s says, ‘We’re right here, and we’re not going anywhere.’ ”

But the clinic could be shut down in a matter of months.

Derzis received a notice on Friday from the state Health Department saying it intends to revoke the clinic’s operating license for failure to comply with a 2012 state law requiring anyone doing abortions at the clinic to be an OB-GYN with hospital admitting privileges. None of the three physicians affiliated with the clinic have such privileges.

The clinic has reportedly received “numerous calls” and heard dozens of comments from people saying they like the new paint job, according to the clinic’s director.

Abortion activists across the country seem desperate for attention against the rising tide of public support for the pro-life position, and a record number of life protecting laws being passed in the states.

Worried about the number of young pro-lifers, NARAL thought a new director might improve their appeal, and then they launched a weird video and photo campaign aimed at getting young women to support abortion.

NARAL’s “Choice Out Loud” video is supposed to look like a series of photos of young women staring into the camera, but the way the film was put together is headache inducing and nauseating. Equally nauseating is the apparent message of the video: that it’s somehow trendy or cool to have an abortion.

The women in the video are shown dancing around, chewing gum, getting haircuts, having their faces painted, playing with balloons, etc. with sound bites about “choice” mixed in and appeals to the next generation. All fun, normal activities that are supposed to be “on the same moral plane” as abortion.

While abortion activists continue trying to distract and deceive women, the pro-life movement must seek to further educate the public about the great harms abortion causes by destroying unborn life in the womb and putting the physical and mental health of women in danger. As women, and men, become more aware of the extent abortion hurts women and our culture, it will be interesting to see just how crazy and desperate the opposition’s campaigns become.

CLICK LIKE IF YOU’RE PRO-LIFE! Note:  Reprinted with permission from Human Life International’s World Watch forum. Adam Cassandra is a Communications Specialist at Human Life International.