Man Stabs Girlfriend 53 Times After She Refuses Abortion

International   |   Sarah Terzo   |   Jan 25, 2013   |   12:43AM   |   Ottawa, Canada

A Canadian man is on trial for killing his girlfriend in a brutal murder.  Tamrat Gebere, an Ethiopian immigrant, admitted to killing Aster Kassa in July of 2010. Gebrere reportedly stabbed Kassa 53 times. He called the police and told them what he had done, as the couples’ one year old daughter cried in the background.

The couple had a long history of domestic violence. Meseret Fanta, who had been a close friend of Kassa’s, told the court that Gebrere had regularly threatened and abused Kassa. The abuse reached its peak when Kassa discovered that she was pregnant in 2009.

According to Fanta, who spoke through an interpreter:  “He told me repeatedly that she didn’t have to give birth…He told me that he has a student loan and he was not ready for a child so he told me he was not going to accept it.” Gebrere relentlessly pressured Kassa to have an abortion, but she refused. On Valentine’s Day of 2009 she gave birth to a little girl.

When Fanta visited in the couple in Ottawa soon after the birth of the baby, she reportedly saw Gebrere kick Kassa after becoming mad at her for not immediately obeying his order to come into the kitchen for a meal.   When the couple traveled to Toronto to Fanta’s home, she witnessed Gebrere throwing a camera at his girlfriend while she was holding their child.

When Gebrere left to return to Ottawa, Kassa and their daughter stayed behind.  Kassa wanted escape the abuse. However, she remained in contact with Gebrere, against Fanta’s advice, reluctant to separate her daughter from her father.

She returned to Ottawa in July 2010 and was murdered in the apartment Gebrere shared with her. A year before the assault, she had told Fanta: “”If I go back, he is going to kill me.” Sadly, her words were prophetic.



Throughout Fanta’s ordeal, she was afraid to contact the police because she was in Canada illegally and feared being deported.

Gebrere has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and not guilty to second degree murder. Note: Sarah Terzo is a pro-life liberal who runs, a web site devoted to exposing the abortion industry. This article originally appeared on the blog of Secular Pro-Life, an organization that uses non-religious arguments to promote the pro-life perspective.