Obama Brings Pro-Abortion Record, Low Ratings to Inauguration

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 21, 2013   |   11:56AM   |   Washington, DC

As President Barack Obama is inaugurated today, he brings a stark contrast to his second term:  a large pro-abortion record and a small approval rating.

Gallup polling finds Obama’s first-term approval rating is the lowest of any post-World War II presidents.

“President Barack Obama averaged 49.1% job approval during his first term in office, among the lowest for post-World War II presidents. Only Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford had lower job approval averages,” Gallup notes. “Obama’s first-term average is most similar to Bill Clinton’s. Lyndon Johnson, John Kennedy, and Dwight Eisenhower were the most popular first-term presidents.”

In fact, Obama is near the bottom in Gallup’s compilation of presidential approval ratings when it comes to the average job approval rating during the president’s first term.













“Obama’s 48% job approval average for his entire fourth year is the lowest, tied with Harry Truman, among recent presidents who were successfully re-elected. The two recent presidents defeated for a second term — Jimmy Carter and George H.W. Bush — averaged roughly 40% job approval in their fourth year in office. Dwight Eisenhower had the highest fourth-year average, exceeding 70%,” it said. “Compared with the larger set of all 69 presidential years Gallup has measured since 1949, Obama’s 48.1% fourth-year average is below average. It ranks 47th out of 69, or in the 32nd percentile.”

The results are based on aggregated data from Gallup Daily tracking throughout Obama’s first term in office. Obama’s second term and fifth year in office began Sunday, when he was officially sworn in during a private ceremony, ahead of Monday’s public celebrations.

Obama also brings an extensive pro-abortion record to his second-term — one that pro-life advocates expect will get worse.

Martin Fox, President of the National Pro-Life Alliance, says: “I have no doubt that the next four years will be more of the same.”

He said he hopes the House of Representatives can push back against the Obama abortion agenda.

“The House of Congress where pro-lifers have the most control is the one that holds the power of the purse — the House of Representatives,” he said. “And in fact, in early 2011, after pro-lifers won back the House of Representatives, the battle to cut taxpayer funding of abortions began in earnest with the House of Representatives passing the Pence Amendment that would cut off all federal funding of abortion. In the last election, pro-lifers actually picked up additional pledged support in the House to fight against taxpayer funding of abortion.”

From taxpayer funding of abortions in America and around the world, to the funding of the creating and destruction of human life in embryonic stem cell research with your tax money; from the absolute refusal to cut off public funding to Planned Parenthood to the stacking of the Supreme Court and federal courts with hardcore abortion advocates, pro-life groups say Obama has left every unborn child behind.

During his first week in office, Obama wasted no time in overturning the Mexico City Policy that President Bush put back in place after it was scrapped during the Bush administration. The Mexico City Policy requires the more than 600 groups that receive State Department taxpayer funding to pledge not to promote or perform abortions with it. Abortion advocates  objected to the measure for years during the Bush administration because they want to use the funds to do abortions overseas or lobby pro-life nations to reverse their laws against unlimited abortions.

Obama legally had the right to divert the funding, but his administration appears to have also broken the law to promote abortion overseas.

A November 2011 GAO report looking into the Obama Administration’s use of $18 million in taxpayer funds to provide funding for a group pushing legalized abortion in Kenya found the administration broke the law.

The report showed at least one Obama grantee openly pushed to expand abortion in Kenya despite a long-standing, annually renewed law that prohibits U.S. tax dollars from being used to lobby for or against abortion in other countries. The GAO report also reveals that a key Obama official stonewalled investigators and refused to cooperate with the GAO in its investigation of the activities.

Congressman Chris Smith said “The Obama Administration basically hired surrogates to do its dirty work of abortion promotion in Kenya.  This new report shows that at a minimum the Obama Administration ignored the prohibition with the end result being a new Kenyan constitution that vastly expands access to abortion in Kenya, courtesy of the U.S. taxpayer.”

Not long after he doled out money to Planned Parenthood, Obama sent more than $50 million to the UNFPA. That’s the agency that works hand in hand with the population control regime in China that enforces the one-child policy with human rights abuses like forced abortions and coercive sterilizations.



The third major decision Obama made after the Mexico City Policy was to overturn the limits President Bush put in place to ensure Americans don’t pay for embryonic stem cell research.

Despite the fact that they still don’t work in animals without causing tumors or immune system rejection issues, despite the fact that scientists and even top cloning and embryonic research firms are abandoning the field in droves, and despite the fact that adult stem cells continue to be the only vehicle for cures for patients for more than 100 different diseases or medical conditions, President Obama continues to make Americans pay millions for the creation and destruction of human beings for research.

Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards is so close to Obama that White House visitor logs in only the first full year of his presidency show the head of the nation’s premier abortion business visited the White House and spent time with Obama administration officials on four occasions. That includes the White House health care summit that led to Obamacare, which funds abortions.

Obama is so beholden to Planned Parenthood that he was willing to shut down the federal government to prevent the Pence Amendment that House Republicans approved from going into law. Speaker John Boehner spent more than an hour lobbying the president to allow it but Obama wouldn’t budge.

The president has also appointed longtime abortion activists to prominent places in his administration and, on judges, Obama’s track record is clear. Sonia Sotomayor and Elanan Kagan, along with dozens of other judicial selections, ardently support abortion.

In January, Obama put in place a mandate that requires religious groups, employers or even Americans who run businesses and find these practices objectionable — to pay for contraception, birth control, sterilizations, and drugs that may cause abortions for their employees. Even after Obama revised his mandate to supposedly shift the burden from the employer to the insurance company – which still means employers have to refer Americans pay the cost in higher premiums – the Obama administration implemented the original mandate.