40 Years Later, Abortion Has Solved Nothing for Women

Opinion   |   Serrin Foster   |   Jan 21, 2013   |   12:24PM   |   Washington, DC

Did you hear? Planned Parenthood has decided that they won’t use the phrase “pro-choice” anymore. With support for abortion at an all-time low (41%) they took a poll. After using a term that has been intentionally misleading for decades, now they say it is “confusing.”

After a 40 year experiment on women, we are not confused.

All people are equal. All choices are not. Abortion is a bad choice for women–sometimes deadly for women, and almost always for their children. Women who have suffered abortions increasingly tell us that they regret their abortion, and that it hurt them in many ways.

Forty years after the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton on January 22, 1973, we remember 56 million missing American children and hundreds of women, perhaps thousands, who have paid the ultimate price.

Sarah Weddington accepted injustice when she argued Roe on the grounds that poor women, students, and working women don’t have the support they need. The founders of the National Association to Repeal the Abortion Laws (NARAL) betrayed women as well as children when they sold abortion as a way to achieve equality in the workplace.

Abortion has solved nothing. It has only masked the problems that women face, especially the most vulnerable: the poor, students, young working women, struggling families, victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, and yes, birthmothers.



While abortion providers make millions off the suffering of women, no wordsmithing can hide the price that women and children have paid.

But you and I can share the good news: Women Deserve Better® than Abortion. And that means more than simply saying “no” to abortion. As Feminists for Life we say “yes” to the resources and support women need. We refuse to choose the worst for women and children.

While Planned Parenthood runs from the terminology they chose, Feminists for Life will continue to lead the effort advocating meaningful, holistic resources and support for the most vulnerable. March forth!

Because women deserve better!

LifeNews.com Note: Serrin Foster is the President of Feminists for Life of America.