Thousands of Ireland Pro-Lifers Expected for Abortion Vigil Saturday

International   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jan 18, 2013   |   11:41AM   |   Dublin, Ireland

Thousands of pro-life advocates across Ireland are expected to turn out for a pro-life vigil against abortion tomorrow.

Those who support the pro-life position need to “make their voices heard loud and clear” in opposition to proposals to legalise abortion by attending the Unite for Life pro-life vigil on Saturday 19th January in Merrion Square, Dublin the Pro Life Campaign (PLC) has said.

In a statement, Pro-Life Campaign legal consultant Caroline Simons said:  “Everyone is in agreement that women in pregnancy must receive whatever treatments are necessary to safeguard their lives even where this may unintentionally lead to the loss of the unborn baby. Where the disagreement arises is that some are skilfully but unfairly using the occasion to push for an abortion regime in Ireland and are blurring the distinction between necessary medical treatments and abortion.”

She told LifeNews, “Fine Gael, the main Government party,  made a solemn pre-election promise not to introduce abortion. Right now, it appears they are about to renege on this promise. The time for people to make their opposition heard is now. We are urging people to make their concerns known to Fine Gael representatives in a respectful but forthright way.  We encourage people to come to the vigil this coming Saturday 19th to stand united with others in sending a clear message to our politicians not to introduce abortion legislation and instead honour their pre-election commitments to protect both mothers and babies in pregnancy.”

Simons emphasised that the Vigil was the project of a number of Irish pro-life groups.

Yesterday, the Pro-Life Campaign recalled a 2011  statement from the political party, saying, “Fine Gael is opposed to the legalisation of abortion.”



“Fine Gael will establish an all-party Oireachtas Committee, with access to medical and legal expertise, to consider the implications to the recent ruling of the European Court of Human Rights,” the statement said.

“Fine Gael’s representatives will bring to the proposed all-party committee a clear commitment that women in pregnancy will receive whatever treatments are necessary to safeguard their lives, and that the duty of care to preserve the life of the baby will also be upheld,” the party added. “Fine Gael is opposed to research conducted on human embryos, and favours alternative stem cell research that does not involve human embryos such as adult stem cell and umbilical cord research.”