Pro-Life Youth: You Are Needed to Today to Help End Abortion

Opinion   |   Fr. Frank Pavone   |   Dec 27, 2012   |   5:26PM   |   Washington, DC

As you know, we’re at the 40 year mark since the Supreme Court of the United States made the single most destructive decision in human history, Roe vs. Wade, the decision that has led to the slaughter of over 53 million children by abortion.

You are leaders in the pro-life movement – not future leaders, but leaders today. You are leaders because you not only know the truth, you speak it to others. You are the voice of our unborn brothers and sisters.

You know how to be that voice because you also were regarded as “non-persons” when you were in the womb. When you speak up for the unborn and demand that they be protected, you are also speaking up for yourselves, declaring that you also deserved legal protection as an unborn child.

I write to you today to say that your generation will end abortion. But I do not say this to you as if I – and those of my generation – were handing you a torch and saying “finish the job we could not finish.”

On the contrary, I say it to you with my hand extended to yours, saying, “Come, let us cross the finish line of victory together, for this is a job we can finish together, and we will.”

Neither your generation nor mine can do it alone. Let’s combine our wisdom and youth, our decades of experience with our fresh vitality and strength. That is why we place so much importance on youth outreach at Priests for Life. That is why our Priests for Life family of ministries, and I personally, am so grateful to you, and look forward with you to the work we must do together.



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