10 Pro-Life Victories Against the Abortion Industry in 2012

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Dec 27, 2012   |   12:21PM   |   Washington, DC

The pro-life group Operation Rescue has released a list of 10 pro-life victories against the abortion industry that occurred in 2012 because of its efforts to hold abortion clinics and practitioners accountable for breaking the law.

While pro-life advocates were disappointed by the results of the 2012 presidential election, the staff at Operation Rescue show how progress can be made in stopping abortions and shutting down abortion centers by applying legal pressure to the many clinics and abortion “doctors” who don’t operate legitimate medical practices that follow standard health and safety laws.

From the group, here are some of the victories it saw this year:

1. Tiller associate, Ann Kristin Neuhaus’ medical license was revoked as a result an Operation Rescue complaint. Another former Tiller associate, Shelley Sella, also facing Board action, spotlighting dangers of late-term abortions.

Six years after Operation Rescue filed a complaint with the Kansas Board of Healing Arts against former Tiller associate Ann Kristin Neuhaus, the Board formally revoked her medical license in June for providing illegal late-term abortion referrals to Tiller’s now closed Women’s Health Care Services in Wichita, Kansas. This victory has prevented Neuhaus from fulfilling her plans to re-enter the abortion industry, sparing countless women and children from suffering from her particular brand of quackery.

Another former Tiller associate, Shelley Sella, faced a disciplinary hearing before the New Mexico Medical Board in November for gross negligence in a 35 week abortion where Sella overused uterine contracting drugs on a woman with a history of a previous Caesarian Section, resulting in a ruptured uterus. Sella faces possible license revocation. The injury was discovered when former OR intern Tara Shaver obtained the 911 call records. OR and Mrs. Shaver filed complaints resulting in the Board action.

2. Operation Rescue exposed 32 medical emergencies at abortion clinics, raising public awareness of abortion’s dangers.

Operation Rescue documented and exposed 32 medical emergencies at abortion clinics from coast to coast in 2012, including the tragic death of Tonya Reaves at a Planned Parenthood in Chicago, Illinois. This year we made a record number of open records requests for 911 records that have shed light on shoddy practices that really go on behind the abortion clinic doors. Videos with the 911 recordings for many of the incidents are available on YouTube.com.

As a result, of information compiled by Operation Rescue nearly 100 Medical Board/Health Department complaints are now open and progressing against abortionists at state medical boards across the nation.

3. New York abortionist Robert Hosty’s medical license was revoked in February after Operation Rescue filed a complaint against him for the grisly killing patient Alexandra Nunez during a severely botched second trimester abortion in 2010. Nunez suffered a slashed artery and bled out causing cardiac arrest for which inadequate resuscitation was employed. By the time paramedics arrived, Nunez lay dead in a pool of her own blood.

4. Abortionists face discipline after Operation Rescue, others filed complaints.

In 2012, at least nine abortionists were disciplined as a result of medical board complaints. Two Texas abortionists were fined based on information we discovered in our undercover investigation last year. Two abortionists from New York and Kansas had medical licenses were revoked. Three had licenses suspended in Virginia, Maryland and Oregon, and two face Board charges in New Mexico and Florida.

In addition, Whole Women’s Health abortion clinics in Austin and McAllen were ordered to pay thousands in fines for the illegal dumping of biohazardous medical waste that was uncovered during an Operation Rescue investigation. These victories emphasize the importance of demanding enforcement on the state and local levels.

5. Launching of AbortionDocs.org the largest collection of documents on America’s abortion cartel.

This valuable on-line resource is a searchable database, which contains profile information on every abortion clinic and known abortionist in the U.S. along with documentation of abortion abuses such as botched abortions, sexual abuse, billing fraud, health code violations, malpractice suits, Board discipline, and more. Since its launch in January, over 3,500 documents have been uploaded with more being added each day.

6. Birmingham abortion mill exposed and closed through a unified pro-life effort.

On January 21, two ambulances arrived at the New Woman All Women abortion clinic in Birmingham, Alabama, and transported two women to the hospital. Pro-life activists snapped pictures as the women were carried out of the clinic down broken stairs to gurneys waiting in a trash-strewn alley. The 911 recordings revealed that the clinic overdosed the women on drugs. Operation Rescue worked with a coalition of pro-life groups, including CEC for Life to file complaints. The Alabama Department of Public Health investigated and found 76 pages of violations based on our complaints. As a result, the clinic, which had operated at that location for 25 years, was ordered to close.

New Woman All Women was one of 23 abortion clinics to close across the U.S. in 2012.

7. Pendergraft’s Maryland late-term abortion biz shut down after OR investigation/complaints.

Operation Rescue conducted an undercover investigation into Florida abortionist James Pendergraft’s secret late-term abortion business, which was advertized to be located in the “D.C. area.” We discovered that Pendergraft, who holds no medical license in Maryland, was running his late-term abortion scheme out of Harold O. Alexander’s Forestville, Maryland, abortion clinic. We filed complaints against both Pendergraft and Alexander for their illegal business.

As a result, Alexander was suspended for multiple violations, including destroying medical records that were under subpoena by the Board related to his association with Pendergraft. This forced Pendergraft’s shady and very dangerous Maryland late-term abortion scheme to shut down.

8. Undercover investigations land three abortion businesses in trouble for illegal dumping.

Operation Rescue conducted undercover investigations into illegal dumping practices at three abortion clinics in New York, Maryland, and Kansas that revealed a careless disregard for the public health.

9. Operation Rescue prompts ethics case against prosecutors who wrongly dismissed 107 criminal charges against Planned Parenthood.

Operation Rescue has worked to hold officials accountable for ethics violations that may have taken place that resulted in the dismissal of 107 criminal charges against Planned Parenthood. Operation Rescue formally accused Attorney General Derek Schmidt and District Attorney Steve Howe of fraudulently dismissing the most serious charges of manufacturing evidence to cover crimes by misrepresenting to a judge that the evidence had been destroyed. Operation Rescue received documentation that the evidence still exists.



Those charges had been filed by former Kansas prosecutor Phill Kline, who faces his own politically motivated ethics case filed by a pro-abortion lawyer for alleged mismanagement of his investigations of abortion clinics that resulted in the Planned Parenthood charges. That case is now before the Kansas Supreme Court awaiting a final decision of Kline’s fate. During his hearing before the KSC, court bias was uncovered when a research attorney attacked Kline on Twitter, calling him a “douche bag.” After Operation Rescue made her tweets public and complained to the court, the tweeting attorney was fired and an investigation launched to determine the extent of the bias.

10. Truth Truck urged America to vote Pro-Life.

Operation Rescue did all that was possible to stand for life during the presidential election. Our Truth Truck was loaned to Created Equal, which took it on a weeks-long tour of Battleground States urging America to vote pro-life. Troy Newman joined Rev. Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition on the Ohio Prayer for Life Tour in the days prior to Election Day. While the election outcome was not what we had hoped, the effort did register new pro-life voters and successfully educated voters about the sanctity of human life.